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How many padlocks does it take to lock a gate??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by pvda, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    Found this when I was out and about in the NE of our fine state yesterday arvo.

    The answer is 37 (not 42 :shock: ), not counting the spare hanging on the gate.

  2. A length of chain would have been much cheaper. Still, you'd only need one key, I guess.
  3. Depends - what is the gate keeping in?

    A few of the agistment places I've been to do that as each owner has their own key and padlock. You only need to undo one lock to get in, and the owner of the place doesn't have to make eleventy billion copies of one key for everyone.. :wink:
  4. Yup I've seen the same on mine access roads. Means contractors only need to be let in once, they can just add their own padlock for the time they're working there.
    Of course the other advantage of using multiple locks instead of multiple keys is it makes it very easy to work out who's to blame if the gate's left unlocked ;).
  5. common on council aggregate stockpiles. however, there is usually at least one or two links of chain :LOL:
  6. ive always wanted to do that... make a chain out of locks.. cool! Did that too when I was agisting at one point, only 3 people though so a little less locks :p
  7. There is one link, it's near the top of the post!

  8. Is it even connected to something on the fence post, or just resting on the top? You see it a bit when people want to go dirt biking (illegally) in national parks etc. they simply cut the chain and put in their own padlock so they can get through whenever they like.
  9. Yes.....

    That one link is welded to the gate post and all the padlocks attach to that one link.