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How many of you have lost ur lisence or been suspended

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Dan-E, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. Like most bike riders, You gotta love opening up the throttle everynow and then. But its been a costly experience for me. Since i've got my bike i've lost all my points and paid the government a good amount of $$$$ in fines.

    Without tryin to sound like a nut, i find stickin to the speed limit very hard on a bike. By the time u overtake someone and look at your speedo, you can be doing 140km/ph or so.

    I know its wrong to speed, but if i wanted to go slow i would of bought a scooter. I've spoke to fellow riders that have sold or are selling thier bikes simply because their is no where fun to ride them, escpecially if you got an R1 or similar.

    Just wondering how many of you out there, have been suspended or lost your liscenses. I've been turned off riding my bike. It sits in the garage and i'll take it out for a day on the track every now and then.
  2. I know what you mean and pretty much the only fun you can have on a bike these days is on the twisties.

    I usually cruise a bit faster than traffic or at least move out ahead of the rest. I dont know about you, but ive lost my licence a few times mainly for points back when i got my licence.

    I drive more sedately now but have a bit of fun now and again. You build up a 6th sense and permananetly scan the road for mobile and fixed speed cameras and learn to pick unmarked cop cars so ive had a good run the last few years.

    Yeah minor traffic infringemnts are still breaking the law and all, but screw it, at least i feel good when i ride.
  3. I think i've lost all my points, it shall be gone soon.

    At least i'll save money :LOL:
  4. 3mths on the bench, it sucked :(

    1pt 'till it happens again
  5. That tunnel that goes under the Yarra was paid for by yours truely. They've had to put the tolls on there for upkeep. I've recieved a letter from Vicroads requesting 'I go for more rides' so they can fund the Scoresby bypass.
    Wont even name a bridge after me the $%*# 's
  6. I got done for 150 about 10 years back and had my licence suspended for 5 weeks, I strongly suspect the penalty would be lots worse now!

    One thing I have noticed is that more people are looking for bikes they can enjoy riding without getting booked.

    Some people are buying dual purpose bikes like the BMW GS, the KTM Adventure and the Suzuki DL series.

    Other people are buying cruisers and naked bikes with more upright riding positions that are fun to ride at lower speeds.

    There is less and less reason every year to be riding a race replica bike...
  7. I've lost all my points...waiting in the mail to find out what options I have.

    My bike is for sale but only because I'm going to upgrade. On the new bike I'm going to invest in flip plates.
  8. I lost my license for 40 over, auto suspension for 3 months and $600 in fines.

    Then when i broke my leg and woke up on the way to hospital. i got a neg driving fine which has me on probation.
  9. i have at least a 9th sense by now.

    ive lost my license once, for 1 month, got caught doing 90 in a 60 zone just before it turns into a 80 zone. so ye it was speeding but it was a two lane no entrance/exit road so wasnt too dangerous. then 2weeks after that got caught by the same copper for crossing bouble lines to overtake a truck doing 40 in a 80 zone. then got accused of doing 150+kph. tosser. i was on a virago the speedo doesnt even go that high. other than those 2 my only other offence has been 70 in a 50 zone by a speedcamera car thingy. im currently on the pepsi challenge, 1 point for 12months. lol.

    but have devoloped well past my 6th sense at picking up unmarked cars.

    ive got a few good records from work to home too but i wont post them ;) (15:40s) shhh.
  10. In the space of three months I had 2 accidents and 2 fines for speeding...in my car. Nothing on my bike in over a year of riding. And, before you say it: I ride my bike everyday. I use the car when shopping, giving lifts etc so about 3 times a week. What does that tell me? Stick to the bike :p
  11. Expecting a 3 month stint soon, got flashed on flinders st about 3 weeks ago doing a bit over and atm i'm just praying that the camera was outta film.
  12. Hmmmz I have a feeling you are shit out of luck. They'd *never* allow a money maker like that run out of film :LOL: :LOL:
  13. If you're out of points, the options they give you is what I'd like to call "double or nothing."

    You can have 3 months suspended licence.


    You can stay on 1 point for 1 year, and if you lose that point, the 3 months become 6 months. If you don't lose the point, after 12 months, all the demerits you've gotten goes away.

    I opted for the latter, and it was a frickin' long and scary one year, but I got through it.

    Hope that helps.
  14. Nup. Nothin. Zero. Zip. Never been booked for anything on my bike. :)

    I guess I'm not the bad boy, cowboy, loose cannon type. Remeind me to work on that image. :LOL:
  15. bought a new bike not even 2 months ago and got pinged this morning, was doing 128 in a 80 zone :oops:. but he lowered it to 30 over as i was straight up that i screwed up and it was a relatively new bike for me.

    Now the waiting game for the lovely letter from the rta *sigh*, im pretty much certain that i'll be catching the bus & train to work for 3 months, which is fun, given i work shifts :-(
  16. *deleted* dupe due to work proxy going spastic
  17. *deleted* dupe due to work proxy going spastic
  18. Same here, never been booked on the bike, and thats amazing considering I'm always up it for the rent.
  19. Hmmmm, lost my licence 11 times, 8 times for speeding, 3 times for wheelies. :roll:
  20. Yeah, try 12 months. :LOL:

    I've been done once on the 250, haven't been hit on the 900. :p

    I've actually clocked up most of my points in the car... and again, I'm an everyday rider. Mind you, my car points were before I got the bike...

    There's always the option of a slower bike... the 250 was good because you could flog it in the first couple of gears and not really risk your license. Although personal experience says that doesn't always help... :LOL: