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How many of You are 'over' this cold weather?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. [Rant]
    I may be wrong, but this winter seems a hell of a lot colder than last years.
    I'm really over it, to the point that I have on occasion had second thoughts of riding to work and back. ( thankfully I quickly get that silly idea out of my head and soldier on :p )

    Last night on the way home,, I had stopped at a set of lights when I noticed the ground shaking :shock:
    Glancing down at my leg, I see an Elvis Presley impersonation is being performed ( probably to the amusement of cagers around me )

    Perhaps it's age setting in, but I can't wait for the good weather to return.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I hate winter. I despise winter. Lets continue to pump CO2 into the atmosphere and winter will cease to exist.
  3. I think it's just "fair trade" for the 28th Icicle Ride being so incredible warm! :LOL:
  4. Did someone say it was cold??? :wink:
  5. Yeah mate I'm well over it. Friday morning I left for work at 5:30 when the temp gauge was reading 'farkinarctic'.
    Because i was cold and not fully awake, when i went to throw my leg over the bike, I didn't get the elevation or the pitch right and i caught the pillion peg on the way through.
    It left a nice graze down the shin, and the calf muscle cramped up immediately. So i was in agony until i could get to work and walk around a bit to free it up.
    Now i have two notes written on my tank. Left first, and Up - Then over.
    Bring on summer.
  6. Isn't winter how we keep our rides from overheating :?: :)

    I made things worse for myself this year, spent two weeks in Hong Kong and then come back to a classic Canberra winter, 34ºc back to -ºc :(

    Oh well, at least the coming spring gives me a good excuse to look for more gear. Oh and maybe get my P's
  7. :LOL:
  8. yeah, 17 each day is far too cold.
  9. Yup, sick of the cold this year. I just bought a new car this week because of the cold. Previously i didnt have a car so even something as simple as scooting over to the shop to buy a pack of smokes was a cold and lengthy ordeal. So bit the bullet this week and bought myself a car. Although its great being able to drive in the cold and wet weather, it makes you realise just how much fun the bike is. I find myself going from incrredibly bored in the car to incredibly frustrated in the traffic. No splitting in a V6 wagon for me! :( Just gotta sit and wait!

    Bring on summer!!!!
  10. I thought last winter was more of a killer, I remember freezing my na-na's off on the way back from noosa in august, and it was a helluva lot colder than anything I can think of this year!
  11. Add me to the list. I haven't ventured out on the bike for about 11 weeks now :shock: :shock:
    I have the same excuse as 440 -I spent 4 weeks in China with low 30's temperatures every day and I have been frozen ever since. Roll on summer.
  12. I want it hot.
  13. Yep it has been cold and shame shame I have also not got out on the bike for a while. Kudos to you bike commuters. I did find this article talking about 2008 being cold due to La Nina's effect i.e the opposite end of the cycle to El Nino.

    BBC Link

    Roll on Spring. :?
  14. I love winter. Bring on more of the scrotum shrinking weather. :LOL:
  15. Well I have no say in the matter, because of torn tendons and ligaments (workplace injury but permanent) I can no longer drive a car so it is a choice of two bikes no matter the weather.

    The secret is good gear and at least two spare pair of good (I mean GOOD) gloves, silk balaclava, neck warmer and Meat Loaf on the Ipod.

    I am full of Titanium and stainless so getting going at 5 am means getting up at 4 am but the benefits of starting early is NO traffic and having ridden in Canada, Sweden and Norway the weather here is relatively mild and provided you treat it with respect safe.

    I must admit though, I am looking forward to some more dry and sunny days no matter what the temperature.
  16. i am guessing you're refering to commuting Vinnie? if so, it's too dam cold to commute at the moment. my last commute was in about 4deg, and i was so cold my teeth were chattering when i arrived at work!!

    for my run to work, the bike saves me 5min (15min trip rather than 20 by car). factor in the 3-4min to gear up at home, and the same at work, i'm later on the bike.

    so when it's cold, wet, or i'm having one of those mornings, the car is the option. heater, out of the wind/rain, and i love it.

    that said, bring on the warmer weather so i can bike it to work, and everywhere else.
  17. This winter has been f*cking vicious. I'll admit I've taken the car once or twice instead of riding.
  18. Yep, commuting :)
    Since last winter I've added a pair of DriRider Nordic Gloves, Oxford Hot-Grips, Neck Warmer .. but on some commutes I'm still bloody freezin ( mostly my legs & fingers. )
    I won't drive to work, I enjoy riding too much. ( or perhaps I'm trying to prove something to myself ) :?
    ok, I'll stop whining now :roll:
  19. *puzzle* I thought that this winter was warmer than last. I remember getting to work last year and not being able to type my password for the first 15minutes. So far this year it has been fine...

    I usually ride with the Nordic 4 jacket & pants, Fogg off mask, A* winter gloves and SMX boots.
  20. Try some rain proof overpants. They will cut a lot of the wind chill out, at $30 or less it's cheap enough.