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How many new riders DON'T upgrade??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Coltrane raises an interesting point in his first post; he got his Ls in 2006 and is still riding his 250. For him it's a financial constraint, but it got me wondering how many other riders graduate to full license and don't upgrade, and the reasons therefore??

  2. Well, obviously I did upgrade...


    But in the months leading up to my license becoming unrestricted, I was quite content with the VTR250. Aside from being 3 sizes too tall for the bike, I didn't feel any particular 'urgency' to upgrade. It did everything I needed it to, and was huuuuuuugely fun to ride 'round the city. :grin:
  3. In my experience very few riders never upgrade and many of those who don't eventually upgrade give up motorcycling all together.
  4. I scooted around on a TTR250 for the first 7 years of having a license. Only just upgraded to a road bike a couple of years back. Money was a huge factor.
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if my older daughter stays on a 250 once she gets her license. She's very light and quite short, so probably too short for anything sporty that's much bigger, and she's not a fan of cruisers. And she's small enough that a twifty isn't going to struggle to carry her around.

    For me the upgrade was more practical rather than just automatic - I'm a beefy mofo and so's my wife (watches for lightning!) and was doing a lot of pillioning, and the little bikes just weren't handling it. Have to say, though, it'd be a wrench to go back to anything less powerful than the Bandit now.

    I do think the automatic assumption that the second you're unrestricted you must upgrade is sometimes unhelpful: better to think critically about your needs than to react uncritically to an expectation.
  6. I'm off my restrictions in 4 weeks Paul, but to be honest I don't think I'll be upgrading too soon.
    My reasons:
    - semi financial ( I have other commitments that the director of finances has told me are more important ) :roll:

    - I am yet at a skill level that justifies an increase in HP ( IMHO )
    - I'm a small guy, the hornet is quite a large bike for a 250, & at a distance You'd think I was riding a 600 or 900 :LOL:
    - I'm happy riding her and she doesn't bore me yet.
  7. as misguiding as my sig may be, i have a full licence

    the little Prilla was quite the impulse purchase, and i want to save up for an investment property deposit before buying myself anymore toys
  8. I know of two riders having been off their restrictions for several months that haven't upgraded due to financial reasons.
  9. I've only had my L's for about 3 months now, but I can see myself upgrading shortly after getting an unrestricted licence. I'm far from getting the most out of my little VTR250, so an upgrade isn't all about power, I see it as more of a reward for learning to ride when on your L's and P's well.
  10. i would love to upgrade but the bank account is having a hard time with anything at the moment. maybe at christmas i will stick a CBR600 under the tree.. untill then im good with what i got.
  11. I'm on my full license and haven't upgraded from the Across yet.

    Its mostly a financial issue, but there are other factors. I use it for practical transport 70% and hitting the twisties 30%.

    I'd love to get my upgrade and keep the Across too cos its just so convenient. I can carry my SLR Camera and my Laptop + lunch inside it.
    I can get fast food or groceries really easy with it too.
  12. I think one of the reasons for not upgrading is that the ride you have suits the majority of its use.

    For me my scoot is ideal for getting to work and getting around town but I must say I have an urge to get a real bike now, especially for weekend rides where although the scoot is still good fun it does make you feel a little left out especially when you see the netrider guys as I did last weekend in the national park. (BTW glad to see all the nods)

    I think I can only achieve the best of both worlds by getting one of each.
  13. I'd love to upgrade but like so many others am limited by finances. I have to admit there does seem to be a culture of upgrade as soon as you get your full license. I got my Ls and full liscence in 2006 and the first thing I was asked was when I was upgrading.
    I like the 250 as I'm getting 30kms to the litre. I used to catch a train to work and my selling point to my wife for me getting a Motorcycle was that it was actually cheaper to run than my train fare, and the extra time I gain.
    To upgrade would be for pure selfish reasons as the 250 is soo practical and cheap. I should stop punishing myself and avoid the bike stores. mmm Ducati. :wink:
  14. I sold my 250 and will be getting a new bike in Feb after paying off the new swimming pool. Who the hell needs a pool when you are 800mt from the beach? Sorry Mrs San :grin:

    Upgrading is tough when people finance bikes and most younger people will. If someone could offer a 2 year guarantee buy back we would see more people upgrade.
  15. Well I've heard the "I won't want to upgrade when I get my full license" statement a hundred times but there's only one person I know who hasn't upgraded 5 years later and he's a tight arse...for no good reason.
  16. I am planning on upgrading, for two reasons
    So the bike will be able to travel more comfortably down freeways
    and so I can pillion standard people if required
  17. There's quite a few LAMS bikes that would be enough of a handful for any rider - some of the motards especially. And something like a VTR would suit a commuter down to the ground. I'd have one in a second.

    Cheng has no particular interest in moving on from her Suzi Across - just as well, because we won't be able to sell it!
  18. Spot on Loz, if I had got a motard or even a CB400 I don't think I would have got rid of it as early as I did. Even a DR650 or F600 would have been great, while the 250 restriction was in place a lot of riders felt shamed into upgrading.
  19. Personally I cant wait to get a bigger bike, but i commute from berwick to the city every day and the 17litres = 450k's is a real treat to my wallet.
    I hear bigger bikes only dream of such fuel consumption. But its still cheaper than driving...who knows
  20. I kept my 250 from 1998 till almost november 2001.
    I wanted to really appreciate riding a motorcycle first and getting to really know it till I was ready in my head to move up.
    I get concerned and worried when people get a 250 then as soon as their 12 months are up they want to upgrade to a fast 600 or whetever.