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How many mechanics do this? Personal Oil Filter delivery.

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mav, May 13, 2011.

  1. Ordered (via email) an oil filter from the guy...unexpectedly shows up the next day at my place and hand delivers it to me! Doesn't even charge postage.

    Gotta say that he has been pretty good so far e.g. $300 for supply and fit front and rear brand new tires (Metzeler) a few months back.

    Bikesmith @ Blacktown on Sunnyholt Road.

    After the horrible experiences from the workshop at the dealer where we bought the bike (who happens to only be a few blocks down the road from this guy), this is definately service on the good end of the scale.

    *bit wary though wondering if the rubber band will snap back and hit me in the face - i.e. murphy's law
  2. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    Put him on the xmas card list. Have heard of good work form these guys on another forum
  3. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    If he is a good mechanic and has superior customer service skills this means he is providing quality service - LET EVERYONE KNOW - word of mouth recommendations is the best advertising any business can hope for

    Quality service I define as exceeding the customer expectations
  4. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    + 1 Takamii - I am also self employed and I go out of my way to provide my customer with exceptional customer service. The best compliment or gift I can ever recieve is a refferal. It shows that the client is so happy and trusts me so much that they would send their friends and family to me. Send him clients and let him know that you have done so due the high level of service he has provided. This will also keep him motivated to continue operating the way he does and he will feel loved and appreciated.
  5. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    and the consumer/customers will benefit -- win/win situation
  6. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    Excellent news.
    My ZZR will be due for a major soon. I'll contact him as soon as I get it back. Hopefully he won't try & do me up the bum like the last place tried to do.

    Word of mouth can make or break a business. I worked for myself for around 10 yrs and was always flat out, purely because of word of mouth.
  7. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    got a number for him? Due for new tyres and a major. Been happy with bikebiz's service so far but you do pay for it :(
  8. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    Unit 3/ 62-64 Sunnyholt Rd
    Blacktown NSW 2148

    02 8814 8605
  9. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    cheers goz
  10. Re: How many mechanics do this?

    for the geographically challenged, he is located at the rear of the driveway entrance to Bob Jane T-Marts / Midas, which are a couple doors down from the Harley-Davidson dealership.

    entrance via travelling northbound along sunnyholt rd.
  11. just another FYI, he also does track bike setups for those interested...