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How many k's is too many?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by SilverFox, Nov 20, 2005.

  1. Sorry to bother y'all, but I am this [] close to buying a second hand RS250, so I am hunting for all the info/opinions I can get. I understand there are a myriad unknowns (aaah, the joy of buying second hand) but any experience/rules of thumb you might have would be great.

    Bike is a 1999 RS250, 28000kms. Service book shows services (without details) at 4K, 8K 12K, 16K and 20K. He has a receipt for 26K, with a list of work done (some valve work by the look of it, but not a top end rebuild)

    What sort of lifespan would you expect from an engine like this? I don't think he has thrashed it that much (the service receipt actually says the bike needs a "good high speed run" :p ) so assuming normal wear and tear, when I am going to have to rebuild?

    The rest of the bike looked in pretty good nick, though the (brake fluid?)reservoir on the bars showed what I think is pretty heavy sun deterioration. The muffler was supposedly new, and looked it.

  2. You wouldn't want to pay too much for getting the valves done if it's an Aprillia RS250.

    It might be due for a rebuild, but (a) if that service receipt comment is recent, I wouldn't think so, and (b) it's not that expensive on a two-stroke.
  3. That was my thinking as well, thanks. 28K is pretty high for the model (most others on the market are less than 15K, there aren't any with more than 20K) but that is probably a result of the type of bike it is - not exactly built for commuting or long distance touring :p