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How many Ks Gixxer 750 full tank???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by stealthK7, May 25, 2009.

  1. About to do a long distance ride on my K7 Gixxer 750 and was wondering if anyone knows how many Ks i can expect to get out of a full tank?

    Id hate to run out in the middle of no where :(

    It will be mainly highway cruising speeds, any advice is welcome, Thanks

  2. Can't really help with a K7. FWIW my K1 gets somewhere around 250km of freeway droning on my normal daily run from full to fumes (18L) :shock:
  3. I get about 180km before the reserve light turns on. Sometimes less though :)
  4. My 99 gixxer 600 got about 180 in the city and 240 in the country before the reserve light came on.. Both of my gixxer thou's (K1 & K8) are about the same.. I did stretch the 600 to nearly 300 once, had less than 1/2 litre in the tank when I filled up though.

    You will get less if you're heavy with the right hand.
  5. 240km sounds about right on my 750 K7. My riding involves a combination of inner suburb and country (100km/hr) riding.
    Although, according to the manual the fuel light will 'blink' with 3.5lt remaining etc, I always plan a refuel stop after a maximum 220km of travel so have never experienced a fuel light on scenario.. nor do I wish to :LOL:
    Enjoy the trip man !
  6. anyone know how many ks it will get when on reserve? i didnt even know my bike had a reserve :oops:
  7. gsxr's (2001 +) have a two stage reserve system..

    There is a fuel light on the dash.. When there is approx 4 litres left it will start flashing. When there is 1 1/2 to 2 litres (depends on year model) it will light up solid.

    My K1 1000 goes solid with approx 2 litres left

    My K8 1000 goes solid with approx 1 1/2 litres left..

    The K1 has a 18 litre tank, the K8 17 1/2.

    There is no fuel tap on these bikes.

    I get a min of 35 k's once the light starts flashing while commuting (2/3 freeway, 1/3 normal roads)
  8. Thanks tim