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How many k's do you do a month?

Discussion in 'Supermoto' started by ageg, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. As the title says... Just after a general amount of Km's people would do a month on their tards..

  2. naught
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  3. maybe 500 or so - about 100kms every supermoto sunday
  4. Whats a 'tard'?
  5. Not as many as I would like!
  6. a certain type of motorcyclist usually with the letters re in-front of it
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  7. More than what the odometer says (driven off front wheel) 8-|
  8. Between 1500-2800km, most is commuting.
  9. Yep ... similarish Ks here ... bit less this year maybe.
  10. ((100km a day X 7 days a week) X 52 weeks in a year)/12 months in a year =
    3033.33km average a month.
  11. Oh motards..... Not motorbikes in general - my bad.
  12. Oops I made the same mistake... I only view new threads via the 'New' button not via the subsection so I didn't notice it was 'Supermoto'.
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  13. You could just do 100km x 30 days...
  14. Not accurate enough - there isn't 30 days in every month. :p
  15. Dividing it by 12 is also assuming every month is equal.:)
  16. It's a more even way to accurately get an average.
    Doing 30 days in a month only gives you 360 days in a year, not 365.

    Go talk to a real estate agent, they will tell you im doing it right!
  17. Just over 3,000km per month on the Battlestar Galactica, but that's just faffing around as I don't work these days.

    That'll pick up now the weather is improving and there are a few interstate rides planned :beer:
  18. What's a 'motard'?

  19. WHO's a tard, you mean.

  20. Road converted dirt bike/sports bike pretending to be a dirt bike.

    Think DRZ450 (motard)

    Think Aprilia (Super Motard/naked)