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How many k's did you do the day you picked up your bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 51SDA, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. I had the best day today!

    I picked up my bike this morning, after waiting over a month since i signed the contract and all (had to get my open licence before i could pick it up) and damn, did I have some fun!

    Clearly, I didn't want to get off, but i'm curious..
    How many k's did you do on the first day of having your new bike..

    I did 130kms today... I picked my baby up at 10am and didn't get home till 3:30pm. Had a few stops.. you know to ... adjust :p

    How many k's did you do on the day you picked up your bike? :)
  2. August 1974?? I can barely remember what I did yesterday :LOL:

    It's great fun, isn't it?
  3. ahahah good on ya mate, good choice in bikes to, well done, was there ANY problems with the bike, just curious, you know :wink:
  4. I trailered mine home.
    Didnt even have the confidence to take it for a test ride.

    Found my feet in empty new housing estates.

    Your a better man than I am clearly!
    :cry: Sob :cry: Sob!
  5. 300ish to get it home, for the first one.
  6. About 400, including riding around around canberra and then back to sydney.

    I think ktulu will win this though :grin:
  7. 17km on the clock. Mind you this was all pushing as i didn't have any license. Also a further 40km on the train. Yep, bike on the train.
  8. When I picked up the Guzzi I hopped on it and rode from Brisbane back to Victoria... that's the longest pick up ride I've done.

    The shortest was up and down the street after the bike came off a trailer.
  9. When I picked up my 250 I rode it home 147km, that was my first road ride so quite an experience but a great way to get used to the bike!
  10. First of all, big congrats on finally getting the bike man! Now you're obligated to come carve up some twisties with me! :p

    On topic - first day was about 150 kms, riding from the Sunshine Coast back to my place.
  11. I got mine delivered but on the first day around 600m and the rest just sitting on it admiring it (and being a bit scared of it)... haha
  12. All four bikes....zero kilometres!
    Your question made me think....every bike I have bought has arrived to me on a trailer or truck. I don't know what that says?

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I sissied out and got mine delivered on a truck too, then, once I had my courage up, I went around the block once, saw about three droplets of rain on my visor and thought "nope, not doing the rain thing today".

    So all up...I did about one kilometre.
  14. Well that's just simply NOT true.. i'm not a man at all :p lol hehe sorry couldn't resist! But hey there's nothing wrong with finding your feet in new estates.. i was shitting myself, just quietly, about riding it off from the showroom... i was sure i'd be one of those people that stall it in front of EVERYONE or drop it on the driveway! lol thankfully i did neither.. woot.. a good day all round hehee
  15. Hey dude! Thanks. More than happy to tag along some time.

    I was probably only about 30 kms from home, but i went the "extra" long way home. you know.. just coz :p
  16. Oh... amazing :) So much better than I ever thought... :)

    Mate, thanks... So far so good.. but then again i've had it for a day ;) Nah man.. it's good hey :p Because i didn't have the ability to test ride it (didn't have my licence), i was anticipating it to be quite difficult to get used to it.. and didn't really know what to expect.. but hey.. i was pretty impressed.. so smooth. Another happy customer :)

    It's a great bike, and it's comfortable as all hell... :)
  17. Shame your not in Sydney, could of started a Fliesosung Club lol :grin:

    what colour you get, red?
    and let me just way, wait till u de restrict it, gets even better.
  18. around 80km to ride it home, 15km to Uni to sort out my parkin license then another 100km to work

    but its not much compared to other people

    guuess ur in brisbane.. hit me up if u wanan go for a blat sometime
  19. When I (finally) pick up MrsB's Ural, I'm planning 500 kms on the first day :grin: . Then another 3500 kms over the next week.
  20. Zero because it went to its new home on a trailer.