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How many ks can a bike do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Julien, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. Hi there

    I am looking at buying a second hand bike. Up to how many kms can you say that a bike is almost new, has low ks?

    For eg. 600cc bike with 8000ks - is that much?

    What the average life span of a bike (well loked after etc.)?

  2. 8000k is farkall, hasn't had a second service yet.
    Afaik Scumbags ST2 has done at least 90,000k and is still going well.

    It is all about how the bike is treated, ie not thrashed, serviced regularly and correctly.
  3. You SHOULD be able to get way way past 100,000km on almost anything if you treat it with a bit of respect.
  4. Very happy with 100,000km is time for update.
  5. Mines done over 80,000 and now needs a top-end rebuild. Major job, but after that should be good for another 80,000. Theoretically. Plenty out there well over 100,000.
  6. I bought my CBR250RR with 72000 (genuine) kms on it and doesn't miss a beat. I was told when looking not to be so much concearned with the numerical value on the odometer but focus on inspecting the condition of the bike thoroughly.

    But 8000 kms is nothing. It should run like brand new if it's been treated well so focus on how it runs and how well its been looked after more than what it reads on the odometer.

    GL :)
  7. Please use the search function. This question gets asked every other day.
  8. Try 139,000 kms on a 1998 600. Regularly serviced, and just did over 500 kms on Monday and over 800 kms yesterday. The modern motorcycle engine is like a stone axe if you look after it well.
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