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How many K's are too many?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by dimi, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I'm still looking around for a first bike, and was just wondering... How many kilometers on a bike (assuming its been taken care of half decently atleast) so not meticulously serviced but just when the recommended time came etc, are too many?

    I see bikes usually around the 30k upwards on average for my price range of around 3k but i've seen bikes around the 70's and for e.g a 2004 Honda VTR250 with 79,000k's! (thats alot of kays in that short amount of time!).

    Heres a link to that bike incase anyone wanted to have a look:

    Usually they look alright on the outside cosmetically, and seem half decent at first glance... but seriously, how much does the amount of kay's play a part in longetivity of the bike and all and performance of it.

    How many would be your 'cut-off' point if u were looking for a bike considering my budget?

  2. depends on how much maintenance you are prepared to do yourself, mate.
    I bought a cbr1kf with 90odd thousand kms, under your 3grand, and chucked another 20 thou on it before it needed any help at all. Even then, I all I ever gave her was fork seals, and a fuel pump relay.

    There is no magic cut-off, it depends on how it has been treated throughout its life.

    Not much help for you, I know, but like everything...there are good ones, and bad ones out there.
  3. Has been answered a zillion times if you run a search you'll find some great stuff, but briefly..

    Numbers mean absolutely jack shit. Anyone who trusts whats on the dash is not bright, and anyone who uses kms as a benchmark for condition is foolish.

    That said, I'd personally avoid buying a 250 with more than 60-70k kms on it, unless it was dirt cheap (like $1500-2000) and in otherwise good condition eg. good compression, tyres, rego, chain, recent service history, etc.

    You can find something good for 3k, just make sure you check it out properly. If you dont know what you're looking for take someone with you. If its older/higher kms take it to mech and get compression test and lookover to get an idea about the condition of the bike/engine.

    Also for that price, try to find something with cosmetic damage eg roadrashed fairings/exhaust, as it'll bring the price down. Always go for mechanically good rather than asthetically good.
  4. Yeah sorry bout the repost, i figured it may have been answered a few times but to be honest i didnt know what to write in the search to get to find it :(

    I've been looking at 250's as i like the Spada, VTR, and Zeal in particular, and amongst the LAMS approved bikes, unless i search every single bike i have no idea which ones have that same naked look that i desire (not to mention something for sale). (might just suck it up and start searching. =/ )

    Anyway, Cheers for the reply's so far! If anyone has anything else to add, would be great :)
  5. Assuming a 2004 vehicle is 5 years old. 75000km's is only 15000km/year, which is not excessive by any means.
  6. Hmmm well roughly 15,000km's a year is roughly 290km's a week, so your right... now that i think of it, a daily ridden bike could make that without too much hassle riding nearly every day.

    In that case i may give it some serious thought and give the guy a call and see what the story is regarding its maintenance and use. As if thats the only thing it would be great to get my hands on it if not already sold.