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How many K's are too high

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Icka, Jan 30, 2006.

  1. I am looking at buying a 2001 ZZR 250 and its got 32.5K on the clock. The asking price is $5,490 on road. The bike looks in pretty good condition and there are no visible scratch or dints on it. I was told by a friend who's been riding for a while that 32.5K is quite high. I want to know what others think.

  2. If it's been ridden regularly and looked after, the miles aren't a problem at all. They should however drive the price down nicely for you, which doesn't appear to have happened :)

    Check www.bikesales.com.au and www.bikepoint.com.au to see what it ought to be going for.
  3. what a load of crap, zzr engines (like most modern engines) won't miss a beat if serviced and not thrashed for many many more k's than 30,000.

    mine has close to 50,000 and as it has been serviced as scheduled is as good as new except for noisey tappets with is a standard zzr issue anyway.

    honestly people seem to base their understanding of road bikes standard kilometers on summoto imports all with 5,000-15,000 wound back k's.
  4. My FZX 2003 model had just over 20k when I bought it. By that same ratio you shouldn't have too many problems (my bike didn't).

    However, I am no means a bike expert. It depends heavily on how the bike was treated over that time. You would want a service record for a start. I'd buy any bike that had a healthy service record and high k's on the clock than a less travelled bike with a big :?: regarding maintenance.

    Note the owner as well. Not to embrace stereotypes, but "Grandma Deloris" probably hasn't thrashed the bike out as much as "Cap'n Bodes" or some other jerk rider that has an unhealthy appetite for embarassing four-wheelers.

    The sale is really paramount I suppose. You have to go in agressively as a buyer. Know your qeustions and dont be apologetic when you ask them. This will unseat liars who may be trying to take you for a ride.... so to speak :roll:

    Always haggle though, unless the price is just ridiculously low (which is not the case here). Most people, i find, will put 1k on the realistic price. Knowing how to find faults in the bike is what lets you pay the realistic price, and not the buffer zone on top of it.

    I didn't get to haggle. Got my 20,000km 2003 zeal 250 for 3k :LOL:
  5. If the bike has been well looked after and regularly serviced, then only at about every 80,000kms would an engine rebuild be considered necessary.

    The ZZR250 engines are essentially bullet-proof. They have noisy tappets, and occasionally have problems with the cam-chain tensioner, neither of which are major issues nor expensive to fix (in the case of the cam-chain tensioner)
  6. thanks for the thoughts. I saw the bike at New World honda late Sunday afternoon. I had a quick look at the bike and asked the sales person whether they had the service history and he said that he wasnt sure because he didnt do the trade in on the bike but would have to look for the books.

    I will definitely get them to find the books so that i can be sure of its service history when i go back later this week with a friend who's been riding for years so that he can take it for a ride and check it out more thoroughly and give me his thoughts. Will definitely haggle if he gives me the ok.
  7. You could also give the previous owner a ring to find out their oppinion of the bike. The name and address should be on the sheet so it's just a matter of using www.whitepages.com.au

    They've already sold it so there's no reason to bullshit about the bikes condition and service history. :)
  8. I think $5500 is too much for those k's.
    Its not so much the engine wear but the wear to everything else. By those k's the suspension is pretty ordinary, head stem bearing will be gone, brake disk probably undersize, rubber thing in the wheel, brake lines, etc.
    Regular oil changes wont stop that stuff decaying, after 5 years and 30k that stuff will either be worn or have been replaced.

    Of course it completly depends on what has been replaced, a bike can have 100,000k's but have had every part replaced when it got worn so is in perfect condition.

    I think more like $3500-$4000 is more reasonable, last year when I was shoping for one there were 1 year old non imports with < 10k on them for $5500 in dealers.
    Dont rush into it, I think you can do better. :)
  9. I had a look on bikesales.com.au and there are 2 zzr250 that i would like to check out. one is a 2004 model with 3,400 on the clock but they are however asking for $6.900.

    The other bike is a 03 model with 15,000k and they are asking for $5,500 neg. looks like i'll be doing a few visits this weekend to check out bikes.
  10. I would've thought that was unlikely at 30k km's.
  11. I would have thought all those things unlikely. My GPX certainly didn't have those issues when I sold it... and it was 50,000k and 12 years old. :p I will give that the suspension is ordinary... but it's a GPX... it's pretty ordinary from new. :p

    What do you do to YOUR bike? :shock:
  12. My 94 ZZR250 has about 63000k's and its still goin strong, apart from the tapping but thats about it and yes i give it a good flogging on every ride.

    I am happy with it atm. :p