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how many km's

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by newtoit, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. So I am about to buy my first road bike. I am looking a sports tourer and I can check most things but how many km's are to many or what requires work.

    Thanks in advance

  2. well the more kms the cheaper it should be to buy, if a bike serviced and looked after it should be ok. you need to be more specific about the make , year etc and have you looked at bikesales.com.au and ebay to compare prices
  3. I guess I am just after a rule of thumb. As in I personally would not buy a car with 200,000k. 120k is high 30k is low so what is the rules with bikes.
    I have looked at a GSXF 750 and it has 30,000km on it and a CBR1000 with 10,000
  4. well on your l's you can't ride a 750 or the 1000cc...i assume you're on your l's because you're asking about a first bike.. as the other guy said, it depends if its been maintained and looked after or flogged to shit.
  5. I would, without hesitation.

    I'm disappointed you're not taking the piss and are actually serious. Anyone that can't get an easy 300k out of a car's engine doesn't deserve to.
  6. I am on my open license but it is my first road bike all others have by dirt bikes.

    I am not saying you can't get 300,000 or more from a car but mostly it is trouble free and maintenance is less on a car that is under 120,000. What I am after is as trouble free or as trouble free as I can.
    But thanks for your help
  7. How long is a piece of string? Way too many variables. We need more information. What kind of bike is it? Has it got service history? etc etc...

    But generally less highly strung motors can last 150,000kms very easily... Whilst I was a courier there was a guy who had a DR650 with over 300,000 getting serviced at Lloyd Penn. Just make sure the oil has been changed regularly (like every 5,000kms, can be more depending on service intervals though) and the valves checked regularly. Since it's a sport tourer it's more likely the k's done haven't been at Eastern Creek pace as well which is a good thing for the engine.
  8. as a first bike id be getting something with less than 30,000kms
  9. All good info thanks guys
  10. All relative to how it's been treated and looked after.

    My car has >330,000km on it. My grandad's old patrol had over 500k. I used to own a old CB250RS retired bush-basher that had ticked over 100,000km at least once -- it had an minor oil leak, more rust than paint and most external parts had been replaced at least once, but the engine was still in surprisingly good condition. Couldn't kill it with a stick.
  11. And why? To me what is important in a first bike that you can mistakes in it. Why is less than 30,000 km important in a first bike? A well maintained bike should last a long longer than this.