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How many kms to a tank on a k8 gsxr 1000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by putanna, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. I know stupid question the 2 don't go together!

    I have a 2008 gsxr 1000 fitted with yoshi pipes and i can only manage 200-220kms if i am lucky.

    I do alot of rides with my club and sometimes it can be 250kms before we fill up.

    It feels like it needs to have a custom tune in it as when i take of slow it coughs and splutters a little bit.

    Wanted to know if anyone else that has the same bike what sort of kms they are getting?

    Thanks Cam
  2. I don't know if it's just me, but I absolutely hate people referring to "km per tank". It means absolutely nothing unless you're familiar with that particular model.

    My preferred is litres/100km, but km/litre is ok. It means you can actually compare across models and people will immediately know what the figure means.

    Just like the distance you get from a long range fuel tank and a normal one are completely different, but some people probably brag about the huge amount of kays they get from their tank.

    Rant over. Nothing substantive to add here.
  3. Sounds about right.

    My fuel light comes on at around the 150km mark with 50km left in the
    tank. Sedate riding brings it up to 160-170km.
  4. I got it in a Two Wheels magazine and they said average fuel consumption for the K7 gsxr1000 is 5.54Litres per 100kms. That sounds pretty good, and was the best of the group with zx-10 on 6.2L, CBR on 6.52L, 1098s on 6.75L, MV 312R on 7.15L and R1 the worst on 7.51Litres.

    The fuel tank capacity is 17.5L for the K7 so to the last drop you would get 300ish kms, but the light would come on round 200, then you could risk doing 50kms travel when the lights on as you wouldn't ride the bike till it chokes and starves on fuel.
    So what you said sounds right, not sure if the slip ons would alter the bike running more richer, im not sure.
    It depends how you ride, where you ride, city or freeways.

    Try measuring, fill it up to the brim, ride til the light comes on (how many km's), then fill it up and see how many litres it took to fill up.
  5. I do that too. Fill it up as much as you can. Drive however many kays you want, then fill it up as much as you can again. Calculate the L/100km from that. See if it deviates heavily from the manufacturers specs.

    I'd imagine slipons won't make a difference on a modern fuel injected bike? They can go closed loop can't they?
  6. It all comes down to how hard you twist that wrist :twisted:
    Two identical bikes can have dramatic changes in fuel consumption over the same roads with different riding styles at the same road speeds.

    Eg: more/less frequent gear changes, harder acceleration, braking etc etc.

    Then again you could always ride a VTR and start looking for fuel from around 130k's and running on air around 160k's which equates to my particular bike and me to around 9.5ltrs to 100k

    :twisted: :p
  7. ...or you could own a Superduke and think 130-160k's would be good... :grin:
  8. and i thought my rgv was bad some thing to look foward to when i upgrade :)
    15 ltr /approx 185km till reserve then 2ltr then ride sedately to servo
    approx 235 till i roll down the road hehehe
  9. my 04 does about 270 or so until the light comes on, and I haven't pushed it much past an extra 10 or 15kms , so an 18l tank at those sort of kms equates to 6.5l per 100 or so.

    In reality if I fill up and match it to the kms travelled since last fill it is more like 5.5l per 100km

    so i guess there is quite a bit up your sleeve when the orange light comes on, but I'm not going to test this theory :p
  10. My last bike was a honda vtr sp2 and i could get 250kms out of that easy.

    I have been told that the tank is 18 litres

    I understand that pushing it i wouldnt be pissed of with those figures.

    I am only riding to and from work with a bit of pushing here and there.

    Are you guys saying that it may be possible to get 100kms once the light comes on??

    Cheers Cam
  11. :? But he doesn't want to compare across models, and is asking for opinions from other people with the same model? What a stupid waste of a post that was! :roll:

    I have a K7(same bike) but have never filled it up so I can't help sorry.
  12. on my calculations for my bike, it would be around 60kms or so after the light comes on.
  13. Triway i was thinking the same thing!
  14. It was, by it's own volition, orthogonal to this particular matter. Just a comment relating to measuring of fuel consumption.

    It wasn't a barb at the OP.
  15. [​IMG]


    "I absolutely hate people referring to km per tank.

    Rant over. Nothing substantive to add here."

    :idea: Better to shoosh when you has nothing to offer [​IMG]

    putanna: My brother has the K7 model of your bike & has the same range you
    mentioned for city km's. Power comes at a price mate [​IMG]
  16. Yes its sounding like the more power more fuel story guess i will have to live with it unless i get a power commander.

    It does feel like it is dumping to much fuel in when i take off (coughing,spluttering)

    I was at honda on friday night seeing the guys and they are telling me that the 08 blade is getting 300-350kms to a tank. Don't know the size of the tank though.
  17. Tank is 17.7L

    & High-tech instrument display features tachometer, plus LCD readouts
    for speedometer, coolant temperature, odometer, two tripmeters and a
    clock, mpg and average fuel consumption. A low-fuel LED light and shift-
    indicator light are located above the LCD.

    As for fuel consumption, Bikepoint tested the bike & got 283-300km per tank.

    Youtubers who have same bike arent complaining about fuel consumption
    either :cool:
  18. its more the OIL consumption!
  19. Got it back maybe 6mths ago & done f*ckall riding since bud.
  20. I feel your pain mate LOL. The bloody VTR loves the juice! Although last week i managed a nice 8.5L/100km which was pretty good :grin: