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How many KM's on a new bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by betterloudthantoolate, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Just a quick question, i hope this thread is in the right place, i was wondering how many KM's i can expect to see on a new bike that i've purchased?

    I've never had a new vehicle before, so does it come with 0km's or do they put a few km's on it for some kind of testing purposes or whatever?
  2. Between 0-10K My last bike had 9K on it my 1st 5k my 2nd .9K
  3. Yup bout 5 to 10. They have to test ride it before delivery. Check when it was rego'ed too.
  4. Cool, thanks for the quick replies guys
  5. I think mine had 20km on it, although I did see it with 0 as it came out of the crate. Our car had 10km on it.
  6. mine had 0 in the shop, but 7 when i picked it up... they generally take it round the block to make sure everythings ok before you ride away... i guess it depends how big their block is lol
  7. Mine both had 0.0
  8. My last two had 0.
  9. Mine had 84km IIRC Maybe a bit of sneaky test rides, dunno. Although they wouldn't let my uncle take it out, so maybe it was just the staff taking it for a spin *shrug*
  10. My GSX650F had 0 when I picked it up which was a surprise to me.
  11. If I bought a new vehicle and it didn't have any K's on the odo I'd be asking for a refund of the pre-delivery charges.
  12. Mine had 2
  13. Mine had 4, however I was once told that when they put them together at the dealership, they run them in before plugging everything in, and hence many take delivery with zero.