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How many km's on a GPX (250 4 stroke in general)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bluespawn, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hi guys, just curious, I have been told that I'd get 100 000km from a 250 in general. To be honest that doesn't seem like that many to me. Just wondering if anyone knows from experience or in their opinions how many Km I would expect from a 250. The GPX if anyone knows, but in general a 250 4 stroke.

    This is with the assumption that it's not thrashed on a regular basis and more importantly, it's religiously serviced every 6000km, I think that's the service schedule for this bike.

    It just doesn't seem right that if I travelled 20 000km to commute to work each year that the bike would die in only 5 years. (not that I'm saying I'll keep the bike for 5 years, but as an example of someone that might.)

  2. This may come as a shock to you but if you bought this bike new you would be spending money on it well before 100,000 km. Buying this bike 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th hand will generally see the life shortened as well because they are first bikes and seen as a short term option and maintenance is not always done by the book. There is much more to servicing a bike large or small than dropping the oil and filters.

    However if you are in the market for one that has been used they can be freshened up quite well for under $1000 if there is no major internal abuse.

    100,000 km on one of these is a long way. :)
  3. I have a GPX250 and I am also wanting to know the answers to your question.
  4. from my experience and eswens i'd say around 40-50,000km before things starts acting up and an engine overhaul or freshen up is needed. lots of people say they're bulletproof but i've seen evidence to the contrary.
  5. Yeah, what is it with GPX's (and ZZR's obviously)? They ride great if they're newish and looked after, but I've ridden several with 40-50'000km's and they just get thrashy and loose over time. Puts me off buying a second-hand one, they just often have too many bad noises
    There's no significant design flaws obviously, they just wear quickly, even compared to other 250 4-strokes. Other 250 4-strokes do go over 100'000km's if looked after.
    A top-end rebuild will supposedly get your GPX going well again. Anyone got an idea how much more life you could get after a rebuild (which shouldn't cost too much in time/money, considering you'll only do it once)?

    To the original poster, I say if you're doing over 20'000km's a year you probally don't want a 250. Learners in SA can get larger stuff, and generally larger bikes will have a much longer engine life. I
  6. The biggest thing to making your 250 (or any engine for that matter) is OIL. The more often you change the oil and filter the longer it will last.

    I change oil every 2500km. Filter 5000km

  7. That hasn't been my experience, most 250's I've seen need engine work by 50 to 60,000.

    That is one reason I'm not a great fan of old tarted up CBR250's. If they do need work then one is up for some serious dollars...

    The GPX250 is at least moderately affordable to do a top end rebuild on.
  8. Thx for the replys guys. Well, that being said and I have to do a rebuild at 40k-50k, what might that cost? I admit, that I do plan on changing oil + filter regularly, and as I'm the person running it in I plan on doing a good job also. If anyone knows though, I'd be interested to know what a rebuild would cost 1. if I did it myself, 2. paid someone to do it.

    Oh, yes I know I can get a larger bike in SA, but I'd like something with a warrenty as I will be doing a lot of kms. This bike is so cheap, I suppose in the end, if it dies at 60k km for example, well, I wont be devistated. (Not that I'm made of cash mind you.)
  9. I'm currently doing a rebuild on a GPX250 that recently hit 56000km. The engine could probably have done that distance again, though I wouldn't vouch for it's condition at that point.

    Now I'll also say, I couldn't guarantee that the engine I'm working on has only done that many K's though, it seems to have done a lot more and also had some shocking work done on it in the past.

    I'm posting the cost of parts and labor as I know it. My prediction is around $800 for the whole engine rebuild, though I may be underestimating.

    the major costing is coming in the professional boring and honing (as oppossed to the half A$$ed version in the cylinders right now)

    the thread to the work I've done is here...

  10. Thanks Night_Stalker, this is pretty much the sort of info I was after. I'm guessing the 800 is to do it yourself. If so, 800 for pretty much a new engine is really not that bad considering. I look forward to going through your thread.
  11. well, have fun there and glad I could help. yes, the 800 is a self deconstruction/construction job. enjoy the read and the pics.