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How many km's is too many?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by alexjennings, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. Hey all!
    I've had my restricted license for almost a year now, so I'm looking at upgrading my gs500. I've got my heart set on a gsxr750.
    There are a few 2009 models around brisbane with 60,000odd clicks on them. Is this too many.
    I know that I need to jump on each one and feel for myself. Just trying to work out if I am wasting my time will bikes that have excessive kilometres.

  2. Depends on price, but you should be able to get another 60Mm out of it no problem. Won't get much on resale however, so bargain hard.
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  3. North Korea has got their 3rd one. Not going so well.
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  4. Well they are asking 5200.00 would that be a reasonable price?
  5. How so...?
  6. Reread your title...
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  7. F***
    You've got me there mate!
  8. Motorcycle mileage is dependent on service history most of time. Let the owners manual be your guide to what its worth. I saw a 6 year old Haybusa for sale a while back with just 12,000km. The only service it had listed was the 10,000 service. That means only once in 6 years it had the fluids changed and some one give it a once over. At the other extreme my new K1600GT is about to have its third major service in 5 months with the 30,000km service due in a fortnight. One bike sits in the shed neglected. The other us ridden daily and looked after to the extreme.

    Low mileage doesn't mean its been better looked after. Neither does high mileage. The service history should be the decider.
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  9. No, it means the dealer only did this once. It doesn't mean the owner didn't do it.
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  10. True, but once you add the points up it gives a representation of the stereotypical owner with no clue buying the most powerful bike, riding it a bit, serviced once at considerable cost, maybe has a scare or two on bike or dropped and had repaired so finally lumped it all in the too hard basket.

    That said, I'd probably consider buying said Hayabusa and using it as a touring bike.
  11. Seems a fair price to start negotiating from. So long as its well serviced and in good condition. Bear in mind if you put 30k on it it will be worth next to nothing, but if you're the type to hold onto a bike for a long time it no great issue. All bikes depreciate. I dont think this one will depreciate worse than the $9000 bike with 10k on the odo.