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How many km's have you ridden...?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by urbansloth, May 25, 2010.

  1. I'm interested in the demographic on this site, with regards to total riding experience accumulated - probably km's ridden would be the simplest measure. How many km's have you churned out...?

    I know there's some real lifers around here too, so if you check the 200,000km+, can you post with the actual guestimate...? :)
  2. I've put about 6,000km on my CBR600 since getting it in November… prior to that, perhaps a total of 500 more over the space of 10 years.
  3. just shy of of the big 100k, 20k on first bike, about 12k on second and 60k on my current ride

    i would probably say just under half of that is commuting so probably i only really ridden about 50-60k of real riding (touring, days ride, track days etc)

    and during that time, I have seen the best and worst of what riding offers
  4. 4,297km since Feb 19.
  5. I've averaged ~400kms/week, only about 5% of it commuting, for as long as I've ridden. Every year I take a look, and that's pretty much what it amounts to. Was off the bike for 5.5yrs due to family though. So 8.5 years x 52 x 400 => ~177,000kms, which seems about right.

    Done 60,000kms on my current two bikes, owned for 30 months. Put 42,000kms on the last bike in just under 2 years before that. ~22,000 on my learner bike. ~16,000 on the bike that got stolen. About another 40,000 on the 3 bikes after that.

    So yeah, about 180,000kms all up at a wild stab.
  6. Could not even estimate, but as a guide, 100,000 kms on just the Hornet over the last 5 years. From 1974 to 1981 over lots of bikes, probably at least that, most likely more.
  7. Got bike Xmas eve, and hit 10,000 on the weekend.
  8. OK, so Chrome crashed before I was able to set up the poll - anyway of fixing that now...?

    For the record, I think I'm only about 60,000, chalked up over the last 2 years since I got back into it....after getting my license 12 years ago! :p
  9. 32000 on my GS500 I bought in late 2007, and 12000 on my 675, so about 44000 all up.
  10. I've done about 28,000km in 18 months. No commuting just riding for enjoyment.
  11. Have done over 8000 k's since late Jan this year.
  12. march 08 -> july 09: 37,000km's on zzr-250
    july 09 -> april 10: 47,000km's on daytona 675

    there sort of was a 5.5 month suspension on the two fidy as well which slowed me down a bit...

    Total: 87,000km's in 26 months, 75% of that commuting.
  13. Easily in the hundreds of thousands..11 bikes since 1982,lots of interstate touring as well as commuting, plus tearing up roads just for something to do. It would be hard to narrow it down but a sh1tload of kms.
  14. So a few people are saying X km in the last couple of years - does that mean you've just picked up riding in the last couple of years, or you rode before that, but this is all you remember/admit to...?
  15. You only been riding since '08 browny...? I've done one ride with you, you looked a bit 'longer in the tooth' bike-wise than that.
  16. around 30 ks in t he last 3 years and prior riding must be around 120ks or nearabouts i guess around 170-180 over the last 17 yrs.
  17. about 5000 in 15 months of riding
  18. I'd estimate (based on my average distance ridden per year) that I've done about 300,000 kms on road bikes.

    That isn't as much as it sounds, in the same time frame I've done over a million kms by car.
  19. 25,000klm in exactly 2 years.
  20. mmmmm approx 23,000 on my gsx250, 42,000 on my FJ1100 boat anchor, 15,000 on my xj550, 50,000 on my CBR1000f and in the last 18 months, 46,000 on my ZX14.

    so about 176000km, but that aint much over 20 odd years...... sometimes life gets in the way