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How many KM'S have you pillioned people?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Fonda my Honda, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. I have done approx 25,000 kms on my bike over 2 years since owning it and of that, I reckon I have pillioned my girlfriends royal hine about 5000kms.

    Trips include (I have not kept a diary but can remember)

    - South Yarra to Sale and back (three times) and back to Sale.
    - South Yarra to Inverloch to Phillip Island, to the Black Spur via Noojee, back to Inverloch, Phillip Island before returning to South Yarra
    - South Yarra to Hepburn Springs and back

    Besides that, giving people a ride as a pillion.

    I am curious to see how many Kms, other riders have pillioned people?
    Let me know?
  2. what a strange place to post this. general marketplace has absolutly nothing to do with the question at all!!!!!

    I have pillioned for maybe... 300kms all up :LOL:on private roads of course.
  3. i have been riding on the road for 26 months, L's, P's and just gone full. Covered 60,246kms in that time, Pillioned my girl friend approx 10kms over 4 trips.. Plan to do loads more pillon rides.. Al :)
  4. Maybe a coupla dozen kms: so far pillioning the wife a daughters around ahs been mostly about their curiosity, although I've dropped my older daughter off to work a couple of times. The Spada has many virtues, but lugging my beloved's and my close on 200 kg around easily is not one of them... ;)
  5. 0kms

    dont want the added weight to slow my bike down, ;) :LOL:
  6. i've done 6 or 7 pillion rides with the girlfriend and mates since coming off restrictions, i spent all of yesterday with an 80+kg mate on the back, it felt really weird (and a lot more fun) at the end of the day when i went back to solo mode. 80kg on the back really shafts the bikes performance.

    i do love giving people rides though, hope to take some people for a spin today.
  7. I've taken Chengaleng and various other pillions on some pretty long rides. I don't take her out on longer or twisty rides anymore, because she's always either falling asleep or accusing me of doing "pussy wheelies."
  8. We've done one weekend away (around 450km or so), numerous day trips of a couple of hundred k's, and heaps of trips commuting to work.

    The commuting ain't that pleasurable, let me tell ya.
  9. Around 50kms total :LOL:
  11. So it would appear that the pillion seat provided is largely there for comestic reasons.....not many kms with a pillion!

    While I prefer solo riding to two up for performance reasons, we dont have a car so I end up escorting my lovely girlfriends hine everywhere.

    I guess most riders have a car and/or dont want to pillion.
  12. With a bit of luck your girlfriend will want a bike of her own & get her licence.
    Sounds like she enjoys it.

    Mr Charmed pillions son3, other 2 sons on there L's & no car in this household.
  13. a few thousand, the cbr loooves it
  14. +1 what he said :grin:
  15. In the year before my wife and I moved to the USA, I pillioned her to work almost every day (VTR1000F). Also pillioned her about the countryside a bit too. We moved to the USA, and sold the bike. When we came back to Australia she was pregnant with our first child, and since then has never gotten on a bike with her claiming that at least one of the parents needs to be responsible.

    Since she won't get on the bike again, I've converted the bike to be rider only (no pillion seat or pegs) to save weight.
  16. Only a few hunders Ks at most. Although Im on my "full" licence cc wise I cant pillion for another 3 months legally. Over 30 and that :(

    Although there is nothing to denote this on my licence I would have to be unlucky to be pulled on my zx6 with what appears to be a full licence and have them check it.

    Starting to really love having the GF on the back and it appears she is quite fond of it too.

    Nothing like playing a game of grab ass at the lights.

    The whole pillion thing is still real new to me but Im liking it more and more.
  17. "zilch", thus far.

    family, friends don't have the appropriate gear.
  18. Fonda...interesting post mate.

    Since I was 18 I've never gone out with a girl who did not love bikes. Or already have her own.

    I honestly cannot hazard a guess as to how many miles I have done with a girl on the pillion seat, but it's certainly thousands upon thousands of kilometers.
    Having a pillion does not bother me, I enjoy it provided I am on a bike that seats two comfortably.

    My question is how far have you ridden with three people on the bike? :LOL:

    Cheers: Jaq.
  19. I've ridden many tens of thousands of kms with pillions, about 20% of my riding is with a pillion.

    I've never minded having a pillion on the back.

    Longest single trip with a pillion? Ummm probably from Sydney to QLD and return.
  20. had a full time pillion for 4 years, then finally convinced him to get his own bike. longest trip 2 up with him was jindabyne and back for a weekend. poor 600 hornet was struggling that weekend. :(