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How many Kms have you gone with a tyre repair kit?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Kolin, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hey, unfortunately over the last 6 months I have had 3 rear tyres replaced on my ZX6R due to punctures from screws and nails (it turns out my girlfriends front yard at her place was littered with them) - I then woke up to my 4th puncture with another nail in my brand new S20 rear with only 600ks on it. I decided this time to go get a puncure repair kit and picked up the Cargo Twist and Go kit for $65. I havent used one before, but it seems to have worked a treat as the tyre has lost no air at all in the 5 days since I fixed. Now I know that they are only meant to be a temporary fix but was wondering if anyone has used these types of kits before and how far they have travelled on the repaired tyre... Am I at serious risk of it blowing out at some point if I keep riding on it for a while ensuring of course I dont do ridiculous speeds??

  2. I've done thousands of kilometres on $10 string-type repairs and have not seen a failure. I could never endorse it, but chances are that the repair will last the lifetime of the tyre. I'm not familiar with the Cargo kit, though.

    If you are looking at a puncture repair as a long-term solution, you should dismount the tyre and install a plug-patch from the inside. Or, better yet, have a professional do it. Intyre motorcycles install and internal repair for about $60, and the shop must be what, less than ten minutes away for you?
  3. My Cargol kit has done around 16,000km under my seat!:)

    Did use it once to (try &) get a fellow rider up & running. he had a puncture due to a stone!
    Cargol couldn't fix it as the hole wasn't round!!
    I've since replaced my kit with a rope style.
  4. It can be hit and miss.. As Jack said I've had a plug hold for 2000kms, although that was many moons ago on a 250cc kwaka, whereas I've seen a 675 Daytona spit a plug out in 20kms.. Just depends what kind stress you put on the tyre..
  5. Try the green stuff from super cheap. If you get a puncture it seals it up pretty quick. I always remove the nail and then just check the air pressure at the next servo. From memory it seals holes up to 6mm.

    I have also used the tyre plier plugs with success. I never removed them.
  6. 12,000km and counting on a rope-type repair.

    I got 2 punctures within a month on a new tyre. I figure if it gets punctures this frequently it's cheaper to replace the tyre every 3 or 4 punctures than get them repaired as they occur.
  7. about 10000-12000kms was 3 in it at the end(string type)
  8. Great, still seems to be holding up fine. I'm hoping to get atleast a few thousand out of it!
  9. I've ridden 16,000kms on a second had back tyre, Michy PR2, finally fitted a new Michelin and got a screw in at less than 100kms! Fixed on the roadside and then when home I put in a proper mushroom patch, been there ever since. About 5,000 with no drama's!
  10. XJR1300 with a Michelin road Pilot 3... String type plug, did over 10,000km with the plug in.
    Checked the plug from the inside when I put a new tyre on... looked stronger than the rest of the tyre.
  11. I scored a nail a couple of thousand k's ago in the rear tyre and it's holding up well (with a mushroom plug)... the tread isn't though ;) Switching from the Pirelli's to Metzler M5's very soon and hoping to earn a bit more wear out of 'em.
  12. Christ you guys run hard tyres. I can't remember the last time I got more than 6000km out of a tyre.
  13. Granted I own a 250cc, but the current set of tyres are roughly on 26000km (~500km/week) daily commute, mostly highway. I dread the day I upgrade and only get half of the kilometers I get now :(
  14. Pilot Road 3s are good for grip and hard wearing too! My next sportsbike tyres.

    On the Strom got a puncture on Sunday and used string plugs. Good for the 70km so far since. :D

    I'd happily ride on this for until the tyre wears out as I'm a cheap bastard but probably wont as I want to upgrade from the stock crappy tyres anyhow.
  15. I tried using a Cargo thing once, I would trust it to get me as far as a tyre repair shop, if I had no other options.

    Get it repaired properly with a mushroom plug, won't cost much.
  16. I have the mushroom type in my rear and it has done approx 10,000 km on it no problems. Also got a puncture in the car Tyre and stuck a mushroom plug in it and not a problem since.

    Also top speed done with plug in the tyre approx 240 kph.
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