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How many Kms had you done when you went for your Ps?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RunningALK, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Just curious as to what the norm is.... whether people even got any practice at all or did a lot of practice or what?

  2. I think an actual numerical kilometer number is pointless.

    You should be able to control your bike at low speeds to past the P's test. Which unless you are a natural will require a bit of practice.

    So when you feel comfortable that you can complete the requirements of your states P's test then you have done enough "KMs".
  3. Zero.

    Got my L's, waited three months then got my P's.

    Not exactly hard to do if you have a little coordination already and just want to get your licence.
  4. roughly 1000 but that was just commutes around the place and school, and the odd weekend ride.

    at least at HARTs, you do that much riding before the test i dont think you need a heap or practice really.
  5. about 10-15,000km. only because i dont drive, i just ride. and i love it, so i do 1-2000km a week :grin:

    there is no average, as you can see.
  6. have had the bike for 9 months. done 15000k on it already
  7. About 2000 around town, 3000 highway k's due to commuting.

    Took about 6 months of regular riding to notch them up and to feel completely in control and familiar with the bike - I was happy to take my time.

    Of the 5 who were on the course with me we had:

    1 regular rider - passed.
    1 weekend rocketeer - passed.
    1 dirt biker who'd never ridden on the road - passed.
    1 scooter commuter - failed.
    1 girl wanting to ride on weekends with hubby - failed.
  8. I am aware of this. I didn't say I was looking for any sort of scientific formula or precise number, was just curious as to what was typical.
  9. I was a fully licensed driver so I went straight to a restricted full license after 3 months on the L's, which is basically a bit like being on P's but not having to display any plates.

    I think I recall doing around 10,000kms in that time (3 months).
  10. About 10k. I went nuts!

    Passed the test pretty easily, but I was crapping myself beforehand and was practicing 6 hours straight etc.
  11. I had done 5,000 km's in about 6 months when I went for my p's.

    There were people there who had done a fair bit less than that who passsed with the lot I went through with. I think that anyone that is worried they haven't done a lot of km's should concentrate on low speed practice and they should be ok.
  12. 2800kms in 10 weeks. It depends a lot on what sort of kms you do I think. I could've ridden across the Nullarbor and back which would've given me a serious distance boost but I don't think it would've made any difference to my riding ability.
    Keep in mind that when you get your Ps it suddenly doesn't turn you into a better rider. I'm on an unrestricted licence but I know there are learners out there that are more experienced and better riders than me.
  13. I did just over 4000 kms in 3 months and 4 days before passing P's test in ACT.
  14. 12 000k before getting my P's (6 months). A lot of commuting and week end riding.
    Did it help with my P test? I felt confident on my bike and knew how it handles at low speeds.

    This all comes down to personal choice. I decided that if I could ride at least 10 000k and build up my roadcraft skill and bike control, then I'd feel ready for the P's test.

    Plus I got to ride and see a fair bit of Australia that I have not previously experienced before. \:D/
  15. Got my license today, and i had done around 9,500kms on the bike (since May last year)

    This included 6 - 7 weeks off the bike whilst the poor little honda was in care following a minor slide. Apparently its not the norm, so my instructor said today, a lot of people roll up for their test without much skill or experience. Seems a bit silly to me.
  16. Since getting my L's 2 and a half months ago I've just clocked 7000 k's. Mostly highway/city commuting with about 20% giving it hell on weekends :)

    P's test booked in 2 weeks, the next 2 weeks I'll be spending alot of time in carparks to boost my low speed skills.

  17. Me too! I did zero kms because I didn't have enough money to buy a motorcycle!
  18. I did 3,500ks in the 3 months between my L's and my P's. I did the 2 hour practice session with HART after 6 weeks which was very worthwhile. The improvement in my riding was quite noticeable.
  19. I did 4000kms and 3 months, but now realise that isn't that much, i practiced the test before i went and that helped the most, there were guys that had done zero, hadn't been on a bike since the Ls and they passed too...
  20. 5000Kms in 8 weeks doing my advanced next week .Didn't book the advanced coarse until I managed the tight S and the left and right U turns down at Oaklands Park