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How many KMs from a tank on these bikes...?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bogus69, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I've started the slow search for my upgrade and have narrowed the selection down a bit.

    I am interested in practical milage you get from a full tank on the following models.
    If I get 2nd hand it will be late model, otherwise I will get new.

    F800st (I know noone here will have riden one, but you may have heard...)

  2. Hornet900 - up to 300, or as low as 175 :twisted: but usually around 250km.

    Other riders report higher mileages but I likes me throttle.
  3. Hornet900 - up to 300, or as low as 175 :twisted: but usually around 250km.

    Other riders report higher mileages but I likes me throttle. Oh, and I have it downgeared, and also I've got pipes but no PCIII, both of which reduce your economy a bit too.
  4. Thanks Loz. sounds safe to say 300km running standard...

    Anyone else gonna help me out here?
  5. My Blackbird gets around 250km to what can be called "reserve", where the low fuel light comes on. Best I've seen in a while. When I filled up 20 km later at around the 270km mark it took 20 litres. There were 3 litres left in the tank, or about 40 km to bone dry. More likely to see 220-230 to reserve.

    A ZZR1100 that I owned could get 320 km to reserve on a good day, taking in around 17 litres. That equates to around 430 km to empty.

    Most VTR1000s that I've seen are lucky to get 200 kays to reserve.
  6. With the VTR it depends on the model. 2001 and after models have a larger tank which allows 250-300km range.
    Previous models, like mine, get about 200km when the reserve light comes on. Then another ~25k before she coughs and splutters before dying completely.
    Though it all depends on jetting and modifications and also how spirited the ride.
  7. Anyone got a current SV650/s and knows how many KM it takes to hit reserve or the end of the tank??
    (I think the SV650s is topping my "cheaper model" list)

    the VFR800, CBR1100, F800st are the main ones I am looking at if I want to spend the extra 5grand.
  8. Hornet 600

    Around 230kms in general riding (round town and a bit of spirited riding)

    Lots of trips up Macquarie Pass, as in the last couple of weeks, 200 if I'm lucky.

    Add a couple of fast trips up Macquarie Pass and this week I saw 187 as I hit reserve.

    {The Hornet 600 has the same sized tank as the 250, but a much bigger engine...}
  9. Your asking about Mileage, yet you are looking at a BB1100XX? Work that one out... One of the biggest juice suckers in enegine capacity yet you are concerned about how many km's you will get. Not really a practical question now is it?
  10. Actually, a large engine, if geared to take advantage of it's extra torque, can be not too far off in fuel consumption.
    My GTR1000 gets similar economy to what the Z650 got if I ride conservatively, as teh GTR revs at around 4k at 100km/h whereas teh Z was doing 5500 rpm. The GTR is 45kgs heavier too.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Well I have to say the VTR is very consistant with hitting reserve between 150/175 k's , but when ever im out on 'nicole' , um it's always a very sprited ride :twisted: ( even commuting )

    On the other hand I can wring the crap outa the FJR 'twoup' and still get 350/400 out of her :cool:

  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: I have an 04 mdl with a 19 ltr tank and only getting 200k till reserve :shock: You must ride like a nanna :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. The older SV650s models were about 220 when it starts flashing (6 litres left), 250 before the light stayed on (2 litres left) and about 270 to start your panic looking for a petrol station. On occasion I have done 300kms (highway) and even 320 a couple of times.

    Don't know about the newer models, they'd be fuel injected (mine was carby) so they be more economical I think.
  14. Thanks everyone. :)

    Yeah. I am concerned about milage PER TANK cos I don't like stopping to fill up very often. ;)
  15. mines a 1999 vtr 1000, I consistently hit the reserve light at 130 k's... It's ALL about how you ride it.