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How many kms does a bike have in it?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Jace_F, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. Probably a daft question because I am sure it depends on the owner/bike/maintainence etc etc

    But how many kms for a bike is alot? I am sort of thinking 50K plus is getting high but I have no idea.

    Ball park figure anyone?
  2. For me, anything over 25k kays is a lot... but when I buy a bike, i'd always try to keep it under 10k kays.
  3. Yeh but you're a nancy.

    Modern 600cc or higher engines should do 300k with 'normal' use, if maintained properly. At least the jap ones should.

    However bikes usually become too old and end up in a shed/are written off before they get to those kms.
  4. I dunno about 300k. I've heard of at least one SV650 needing a rebuild at 100,000km.
  5. how can you tell anyway, all the clocks are wound back... :wink:
  6. I know of a VFR750 in England that has done 800,000 MILES, motor change at 400,000...

    generalisations mean nothing

    My Hornet had 55,000 on it when I bought it in March 4 years ago. It now has 135,000 and runs like a Swiss watch. (A real one, not the replicas that flood you inbox :LOL:).
  7. A kawasaki salesmen said to me a GPX250 engine will do 100,000 kms until needing a full rebuild.
  8. My K1 gixxer thou has 94000 k's on it and is still going strong.

    I believe it depends on how well it has been looked after and regular oil changes are a must for long life.

    I don't think I'd buy a bike that has that many k's on it because you don't know how well it has been serviced. I bought mine when it was 2 years old and had 2000 on the odometer (possibly wound back, who knows??)

    A new Jap bike, maintained as per service intervals should last even longer than mine.

    Saying that though I managed to break a camshaft in my 99 gixxer 600 in the first year I had it. It was replaced under warranty but the bike was a lemon and I got rid of it at 40000k's and less than 2 years old.
  9. I only just finished running my Daytona 675 in. It has 40,000kms on it. Looking forwards to another 80,000kms before it needs any significant attention.
  10. +1

    In the early years of my car days i bought many older car with low kms. All were pretty much sh1tters. I think the mentality of previous owners was it doesn't drive much therefore never needs servicing.

    I'd have no qualms of putting 100,000km on a new Jap bike. I've got 3,000km on the Duc in 1 month so i'm sure it'll be due for a rebuild shortly LOL. j/k it's the electrics that are a worry.
  11. Hardley Ableson



    The life of a bike is also determined by whether it's of value to rebuild it or not. A Harley engine for instance is infinitely rebuildable at the top and and the bottom end should just keep going; same with the SR500; so that a head rebuild every 70 - 140,000km is is a maintenance matter. Some bikes are too expensive to rebuild and too much goes wrong, due to their complexity, and the bottom end is not that guarenteed, that it begins to look like it's not worth it. When my GT550 went bang I parked it and have no qualms that it's now rotting; the SR is grounded now too but there's no question that I'll rebuild it!
  12. Fnark, so you sell it with a full tank of juice as well.
  13. Got a mate with a K series BeeEmm that has close to 170K clicks and still runs fine
  14. Barely run in mate.

    Mine has 250,000 on it and the inside of the cambox is as shiney and clean as it was when new.

    What turned me onto the Ks in the first place was the experience of a couple of mates in the UK with ex-police K100LTs with 400,000 miles on them with nothing but thorough routine servicing and which could still get up and boogie when we needed to do 150 miles before the pubs shut :grin: .
  15. my sv thou has 50,000 k's and i consider it just run in. With oil change every 3000km i should get 150,000 mimimum. :grin:
  16. My 02 zx9 had 17,000 on it when i bought it 3 1/2 years later hes up to 143,000.Sure it blows a bit when over 10 grand but still pulls pretty well.
  17. my zzr250 is falling apart after 38,000ks :p the previous owner didnt give two shits about it obviously. should you change the oil filter everytime you change the oil? or is it ok to just drain old oil and ad new stuff every 2-3000 ks?
  18. well. the question is... how much is a lot. i interpreted it as how many kays i would buy it at before the kays is a significant factor.

    as for the LIFE of a motor before it requires a rebuild... well, that's a totally different question altogether.
  19. My K1 Gixxer750 (2000) is up to 70,000km. Blows a bit of smoke when you ring it out, and is going through a lot of oil, so due for some major examination and work. Last couple of owners kept it pretty well on the surface, but obviously didn't want to spend much on the mechanicals.
  20. It must be the owner. Mine had a reconditioned engine put in it at 5-600,000k's I almost clocked it over and back to 0, but had a collision. at 990,000.