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How many kms do you do?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OZChris, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. After 7 months, I have finally clocked up 1000 kms on my bike.

    This got me thinking, how many other riders clock up relatively low kms per year?

    Anyone else fess up? :p
  2. Sorry matey - I got my bike last Friday (8 days ago now) and I turned over 550km today - and am going on my longest ride yet tomorrow... Might be cause I'm so excited about it being my first bike?!?! :grin:
  3. You've been taking it abit slow OZchris, I got my bike 4 weeks ago and I've already put 1800kms on it :shock:

    You need to get out on some more netrider rides :grin:
  4. hey OZChris :)

    i have had my latest bike (cruiser) for 4 months and have done almost 4000k's. a bad case of 'new-toy-itis'. :wink:
    i was an mad Enduro enthusiast previously, so the K's didnt come so easily on my old bikes. still i used the Enduro bike 'on-road' heaps.
    i also use my bikes to get to work when weather permits. (i have a cage too)
  6. sorry for yelling.
    i got all excited.
  7. +1

    Maybe you need to visit us up Sydney way... we'll get you out more :LOL:
  8. Not enough! Especially when I'm busy with work.

    1000km of twisties is better than 1000km of highway riding. That's what I think but others may disagree.
  9. :rofl:

    I get my full license at the end of january. By the end of febuary I'm sure I'll need another service (6000kms later). But then again I'll have 3 months of pent up urges to ride :grin:
  10. I booked my bike in for the first service before I picked it up ... did the 1k in 5 days riding ... plan to do a couple of 500km days next week.

  11. Bought the zx10 in July 07 and just clicked over 9000km. About time for a service me thinks.
  12. Just done 19000k's in the last 12 months :grin:
  13. You don't enjoy riding? Thats like 5km a day..

    Why bother? :?
  14. No, the bike is not my daily - I only manage to get out probably once a fortnight.

    Also, as a learner I am still getting used to various situations (ie weather, day/night, etc)

  15. i knocked up just shy of 115000kms last calender year.
    oh, you mean riding.
    well, 4000 on the RR (purchased in june) and 2 and a bit thousand on the other two :grin:
  16. OIC.. well that explains..
  17. between 14,000 and 18,000 kms a year is my average now but i used to clock up 600-700 miles a week in the uk
  18. had my zx7 p1 for 6 weeks and done 5 000 ks it was low k when i got it 16500 ks
  19. 60,000 in 22 months, and I don't even commute :p
  20. 14500 in 12months
    only had my bike on the road 6months of that.
    god bless rule-crazy cops, shit mechanics and italian reliability