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how many km's did you rack up on your restricted licence?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by slyfox, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. it seems to me that cars that are the same age as motorcycles have significantly more kilometers on the odometer, for example looking at used bikes from the mid/late 90's 250cc rides often has sub 30/40,000km's (not counting summoto rides, that's another story) a car of this age would generally have double that, or so it seems to me.

    you often see the terms 'only used for week-end riding' or 'never ridden in the rain' this leaves me thinking, what is the average number of km's learners/probationary riders clock up before moving onto a higher capacity bike?

    if a zzr250 from 1995 has 40,000km's, and has had 6 owners in that time (a little under 2 years each) that's around 6,500km's per rider.

    atm i'm doing 1,000km a month, so i should of done around 12-15,000km's at the end of my restrictions.

    how did you find the transition to a bigger bike and did you have a lot of km's under your belt at the time?

    any thoughts on why bikes have lower km's on them in general?
  2. Well, I didn't have to do restrictions when I got my licence cos that was back in the Dark Ages and they didn't do stuff like that then.

    I have done LOTS of miles on all my bikes because I like to tour. I probably do more now than back then cos my bikes are now a little more suited to touring than the ones I had when I was in my 20's.

    Most bikes have lower mileages cos most bikes are a family's 2nd vehicle, a commuter machine or a weekend plaything and often only a fair-weather plaything.

    Even on this forum, I would say that there would not be that many members for whom the bike is their ONLY means of transportation. Even the newbies would probably also use PT, or have an old car or borrow the family car.

    Newbie riders often don't get straight into touring, which is wehere you rack up the big miles and so it's not uncommon for a rider to do less than 10000kms in the first year.

    At present, with my vfr, I am averaging about 11000kms a year.
  3. Well ive had my bike for 12 days and I racked Up 1000km now.
    So I will be averaging a fair amount of K's by the end of my restrictions.
    Ive never driven a car or had a full car license so Im loving the long cruises on my bike. I look for any excuse to get out on my bike and i dont think it will ware off for quite some time.

    rc36Honda....just a question If I may be so bold, But with an average of 19.80 posts per day when do you actually get out on your bike ?

    Or do you have internet fitted as standard ?
  4. I have been waiting for someone to ask that....

    I ride just about every day, use the bike for commuting to work, and every weeekend I'll do at least one longer ride up the mountains or down the coast.

    As well, I will ride at least one night a week taking ym son-in-law out for a ride since he's just got his "P"'s and I'm trying to help him become a better, safer rider as well.

    I've never counted the average, but I'd say that 19 posts per day doesn't actually take that long.

    Now if I DID have the internet fitted on my bike, along with voice-recognition software.....mmmmm, interesting concept...
  5. i agree with RC. my bike is definitely a second means of transport. theres public transport and the car if i need it so unless the destination doesnt require certain clothes or dry clothes then ill catch a bus or get driven. and i think P platers tend to ride less because there isnt a demand for practice like there is on your Ls and the general perception that its a very dangerous means of transport and when theres another option you should take it. i can't count how mant times people have told me not to commute on a bike because its so dangerous. to be able to rack up the same number of kms as a car of the same age you have to make motorcycling a huge part of your life. you can just hop in a car and park it then forget about it. not so easy on a bike.
  6. i learned in the uk and there was no capacity restrictions, the only restriction was on price, it took me 5 years of riding bikes to be able to afford a bloody 400, i have no idea how 20 year olds can get finance of a $16,000 machine, i know any bike shop would have laughed in my face if i tried it then.

    one of the major gripes in the uk is that you cant use the motorways on L plates so riding on them for the first time is bloody scary, and as to the distance traveled, in the first 2 years of motorcycle riding i did close to 80,000 miles (all on 125 cc machines)

    but i am one of those rare ones where the m/c is my only form of transport, i dont even have a car licence
  7. 80000 MILES on a 125cc????

    Your are a MASCHOCIST of the first order. You need to be written up for some sort of award!!!

    I am impressed beyond words.
  8. Up to 15000 now and I get off restrictions in October.

    I think you have to take any advert for a low klik 250 that is over 5 or 6 years old as either a genuine low miler or a more truthful high miler... (no.. it's got nothing to do with sex in planes)
    Your average 250 is purchased by an inexperienced rider and in a lot of cases, a student or person starting out in the work force and still on the lower end of the income scale. Less money for proper servicing.

    So they keep it for a year or a year and a half, over rev it, gear crunch it, probably drop it, hardly service it and then tell you it's a low miler, never dropped, always serviced and never ridden in the rain.

    You just gotta be selective....... me personally I would rather buy a bike that has been in the rain and possible had a low speed fall or two than a bike that has never seen a spanner.
  9. 28,000km and still counting. About 6 weeks to go, so I expect to be around 30-32,000km. I spent a month off the bike too, while it was being repaired after some nut reversed over it at the petrol station.

    I figure the more riding I do on restrictions the better. There's a lot to be learnt on a 250, more than some people realise.
  10. i only did about 4,000 klms on my restrictions. :shock: But then i did only ride on the weekends.
  11. I used to average around 20,000 kms per year. That was when the bike was my only form of transport (on P's and beyond). Nowadays the bike is still the primary transport, but the load is shared by the cage somewhat. Yearly kms are down to around 12-14,000.
  12. geez note to self, stop doing so many km's on the bike

    3,500km in just under 3 months... lets just say not a weekend go past where i don't go for a decent ride
  13. Ive been on my L's for a month and have clocked up around 4000kms, my bike is my only source of transport, but I only really have to ride to school which is 3kms. I just can't get enough of riding, weather doesnt bother me I just put on more layers.
    Bikes have low K's probaly because alot of riders have a car, or a full time job and can only get out on the weekend, and some are scared of the rain. Or are thumbed by there GF's, wives so they can't do what they want :LOL:
    For your question i think riding a big bike is all about confidence, and not being an idiot, they only go as fast as u want them too. But the extra weight may be a bit unsettling at first.
  14. that's not a heap, what bike did you get after your 250 and how did you find the transition?
  15. Nice bike pic, mate. Nice colour too.
  16. I only rode it on the weekend when i had a chance. And i went on to the 12 after my 250. I soon learnt what power was all about and the only thing that took some getting used to at first was the weight difference. But i reckon after about 10 min i fealt at home.
  17. Same for me as RC. I got my licence in a country town where by the time I'd ridden up the road from the cop shop, done a u-turn and returned, he'd already written out the licence!
    Bought a 250 by choice, but I was travelling 80 kays each way to work 7 days each fortnight, so the miles racked up quickly. Plus, every second weekend we would ride from Denman to Wollongong (350 kays each way) so that added to the tally!
    Yesterday the mighty Hornet clicked over 62,000 kays, so I've done 10,000 on it since purchase in March. Needless to say it's not now my only transport!!
  18. My bike just clicked over to 20,000km under my ownership. I got it in Feburary 8 months ago.

    So in another 6 months (crap that long :( ) when I get off my P's I will have done about 35,000, probably more as Im doing much longer rides on the weekends these days.

    The number of 10 year old 250's out there with 10-15,000 on them is highly suspicious. As if people only do 1500 a year.
  19. Yes the 1500 a year is crap.