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how many kms can you get on a full tank in a vtr250

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by kursed, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. I have a loan bike while mine is being painted (thanks to a sloppy mechanic giving it a nice big scratch) and I don't know the distance the vtr can get to on a tank. I ride through freeways a lot so having a few kms on reserve is not enough of a safety barrier for me :)

    also do they have a choke? I couldn't see one but it starts easy anyway.

    thanks all
  2. choke's on the left handlebar, little lever that you move, down is on, up is off.

    Depending on riding style, you can get between 200 - 240 before hitting reserve

    i tend to hit 200 or 210 :oops:

    bloody great bike though!
  3. I get as high as 270-290km before reserve these days, but that's "overfilling" the tank with the knowledge that I'll be burning up 1/4 of it in the hour immediately after, and exclusively freeway use.

    250km before reserve was my normal range filling to the bottom of the filler neck. (220km if riding very aggressively)

    Edit: Furthest I've ever been was 290km + 30km into reserve.. 320km. Done that two or three times now; afraid to push it further. :)
  4. shite! i better make sure I havent been riding the whole time with choke on :)
  5. About 250-260km to reserve for me which is mainly highway riding.
  6. Usually 270 then another 30/35 in reserve. That's hwy riding and fun country rds. I get less in the city - usually 260.

    It pays to keep some fuel in the tank though - wouldn't want to run out of petrol 300mtres from a petrol station only to find out it shut at midday and your watch says 12.01 :oops: And if you're riding with others when it happens - keep your helmet on....protects you from the head whacks you'll get. ;) :LOL:
  7. :oops: man... i really need to back off the throttle :oops:
  8. SHITE i'm with you duff.. 220 could probally push it further but a 200 i fill up... $11-12 never more than $15..
    probally on the conservitve side
  9. How many litres is the VTR's capacity?
  10. 0.25 :LOL: :google:
  11. more than a SPADA by the sound of it :LOL:
  12. Officially, 11L + 2L reserve for a total of 13L.
  13. I get anywhere between 290 - 300 before it hits reserve. I then fill up as soon as possible.

    As for the choke, it is on the left handlebar. If it is pulled towards the rider it is on, if it is pushed forwards, then it is off.

    I'm sure my future Ducati Monster s2r1000 will get the same sort of mileage. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Don't laugh too loud - a friend's Buell Firebolt X9-ish thing gets 4.5-5L/100km on the freeways! I nearly fell off my bike when he told me.
  15. my firestorm gets better freeway mileage than its little brother.

    i pushed reserve once and got 27kms on the VTR250, then i had to push the fcuker up an exit ramp to find the servo was closed :LOL:

    reserve in practise is about 1.5l, so yeah about 35kms or so. the total tank capacity (and i mean really filling it up to the brim) from no useable fuel is about 12.8L.

    my best fuel economy on it was about 3.5l/100kms. my worst was 8L/100kms. so dont worry duff, you are not the worst mate. im averaging about 18-20kms per litre at the moment, assupose to the firestorm where im getting about 15km/l.


    btw james you are a friggin pansey for not coming on the learners run! you can go paintballing any week end, in fact we will all come with you!!
  16. My FZR250 has 10L + 4L reserve. I do around 180km on 10L so its a fuel economy over 5L per 100kms.
  17. I've gotten 300kms before hitting reserve, just always been filling it up before that lately so i wouldn't have to go looking for a servo once i switch to reserve.
    Just make sure you always set the trip meeter to 0 after refilling so you have a bit of an idea how much further you can go. If you are going on the freeway, then just fill up before hand just to be safe.
  18. when i was commuting i was getting 300+ hitting reserve at 330k

    my commute was a mix of traffic, although i wasnt flogging the bike, just cruising along , no full throttle flogging as there was no point really
  19. I'm getting 220 on mine before reserve (on my third tank, woo hoo). But it's a new bike and the dealer said economy should get better when it hits 1000ks +.
  20. My economy got better once I hit about 3.700 klms. I was hitting reserve at 290, now I hit it about 305, so not much better.

    However it hasn't had its 1,000 service yet. I've been too busy working and riding.