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How many kilometres did you ride this year?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Dec 26, 2005.

  1. The year is nearly over, and sooner rather than later the TV stations will regale us with their "That was the year that was...." specials, so it's a good enough time to ask how much mileage you achieved this year??
    I bought the Hornet in March with 52,000 kms on it, and it now has nearly 70,000 kms, so I've done nearly 18,000 kms.
    That includes my famous (for me :p ) 1228 km jaunt to Tamworth and back, and two Netrider trips, one for the Dinner and the other for the BBQ.

  2. According to my speedo 11,000. Cant remember doing them though.

    Hornet, I'm surprised your bike isnt worn out. You must stay at home and only do long trips. I seem to do about 3-400 per weekend. They seem to add up though. Went to Johnsonville and back the other day. Speedo said 315. It counted the ks I spent lost as well.
  3. I definately didn't do enough Paul, clocked up 13000 mostly commuter kliks on my trustly 250 and have just notched up my first 500 on the new 600.

    I will hopefully get out on some Netrider roadtrips in the New Year and clock up some respectable k's.
  4. yeah, well around 5,000 of those 17,000 are made up of three long trips, and there was a 900-odd km trip I did with RC a couple of weeks after I bought the bike, but that leaves 12,000 just in fanging up to Sydney for coffees, and runs up Macquarie Pass, etc etc. I don't ride as much as I'd like, but a job in Sydney and a 200 km + per day commute leaves the end of the day and the weekends as recapturing energy times.....
  5. just under 15,000 kms in 2005.

    Most of it commuting though :(
  6. About 20,000 kilometres. That includes 3,000 or so in Tassie (yay!). That's a fair whack I reckon considering my commute is only about 5-6k!
  7. I got the VTR250 in September with ~8,500 on the clock, and I ticked over ~19,000 today.. :shock:

    Living down on the Peninsula is the problem. It's a 150km round trip for Friday night coffee.. :roll:
  8. Not as much as I'd like... I can't commute most days on the bike as I need to carry too much stuff, and having a family means I can't take as many days off for motorbike rides as I'd like to.

    V11 had 34,000 on it now has 39,000
    Diversion had 19500 on it now has 22500
    ZRX1200R had 6500 on it now has 9000

    Ummm thats... 5000 + 3000 + 2500 = 10500

    About 500 of that would be commuting the rest is sunday rides or the gp/supers.
  9. About 6500, and I ride everywhere 'cos I dont own a car
  10. I have no idea for the full year , but since 4 Nov, I had .5 k on a new bike it now has 3100 k
    on it and Nov was a quiet month for me
  11. ~12,500km
    thats Nil commuting,
    & mostly all on Sundays.
  12. about 30,000 :grin: :grin: :grin:
  13. Only 5000km for on the VTR, and ummm, + 100km for the GPX250 that I crashed on New Years Day at Reefton.
  14. a PATHETIC amount here :(

    spent the first half of the year without a licence, and the second half looking after a pregnant woman most of the time. and i'll probably get LESS time on the bike next year too with 2 shit machines on the way :LOL: am i doomed to alife of driving around in the mundanemobile???

    probably around 5,000 kays....
  15. 42000km over two bikes
  16. Avg 115 per day , thats impressive
  17. I've done about 11,500 since the end of july and my commute from home to work is only about 10kms
  18. Aproaching 7000ks since oct 20 this year.
  19. I have done 10,000km and this is mainly weekend riding as I don't commute to work.
  20. 12,000 no car access anymore, and commuting to work since june.. (even though it's only 1.5km)