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How many k between services?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. I am just over 24000k on the ZZR, I believe it was just done at 22 before I bought it.

    How many K do people do between services, and what is normaly the next one after 22? (Small/large and when?)

  2. mines just done 9000ks on it. i change my oil every 2500-3000kms and thats including getting the carbs tuned. my next one i am going to change everything including fuel filter and break oils.
  3. '99 VFR800, oil & filter every 5000kish, airfilter every15000kish (pending on riding weather and how filter 'looks').
    In to the shop about every 15000k for a valve clearance and a 'once over'
  4. I did the oil & filter on my GPX every 3,000 clicks with everyday cheap oil. Works fine for the simple engine the GPX & ZZR share.

    The newer bike gets full synth though, but only every 6,000 clicks.
  5. My ZXR250 manual says a minor service every 6000km, and 12,000km for a major service (valve clearances etc)
  6. check your own bike for such things as loose fittings, fairings, chain tension, colour of bike's oil etc. If they need attention then chances are that there is something els that you might not notice or know about that needs a look as well. Refer to your user manual.....BMW recomends a service every 10,000k (whether it needs it or not!) and my guy tells me when to bring it back in if he sees something amiss (yeah, I trust him). But you should do your own basics checks anyway, I do especially if i have been over a lot of ruff or if i notice a new noise/rattle or squeak. If you see something that is 'always' working loose, get it replaced/fixed or removed entirely (if you can!)
    cheers :cool:
  7. The zzr250 owners manual says every 6000km - major/minor is not really applicable - if the bike is maintained to manufacturers reccommendations then the interval is 6000 but content varies at each service - at 12000 the valves are done at 18000 i the forks and stem get done. My bike had 3700 on it when i got it last november and i chose to go the whole original and dealer route - my choice, can't say its a better option or not but it gives me a heck of a lot of backup both from the dealer and kawasaki - I have the 2002 (ex 250 h13) books for my bike and i purchased both the base tech manual and the update - if i can be of help at any time just pm me - the techs are a bit big but if your interested i can copy the owners and service manual.
  8. anywhere between 3 and 6 seems to be the standard belief. Be skeptical if your service manual says any more then this. It's a modern marketing ploy to claim longer intervals between services.

    I do mine every 5000.

    If you do short runs where you bike doesn't fully warm up or you hammer it a bit, do it more often.
  9. Carbs tuned? Carbs are a set and forget device. Doesn't hurt to give them a clean and tear down but you don't have to tune them unless you've changed something on the bike. Like new exhaust, air filter, etc. You're paying for a pointless exercise, or more likely paying for the mechanic to take a smoko after doing your oil and filters.