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How many guys here own an M50 or C50 have aftermarket pipes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by M50, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys, i am still confused as to should i put on a vance and hines system on my M50 or just debaffle it. Confusion starts with noise levels of the vance and hines which may be too loud. If i debaffle and decide to sell my bike later, i will have to buy a new set of original pipes which will render my old set useless. Whereas i can sell the vance and hines ones. I know of baffles that can be put on the aftermarket ones.
    Anyone with previous experience here will be really helpful!

  2. Im worried about when I sell mine after I have drilled the pipes ,but I can't worry about it today ,im having to much fun with it.
    But if I had the cash ,go the new pipes and sell it with it, or with out ,either way your covered.
  3. I agree sled. I am just not sure of the noise level of the Vance and Hines.
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  5. I Own a 2007 Boulevard C50

    I have not de baffled mine

    we drilled 8 holes in both pipes
    it sounds niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :grin:

    now where is Blue14 hiding ???
    he hAS de baffled his
  6. Thanks ladyrider, Blue14 and Peter_reebok has been in contact with me and has suggested to listen to their debaffled pipes. My only concern is that if i ever wanted to go back to original pipes, they'll cos a fortune to get from suzuki. A Vance and Hine's cost me $800.
  7. Get the V&H pipes.. and put V&H baffles in them LOL

    Why?? coz they sound and look SO good!!
  8. Seems as though we need to arrange a small get together hey Jo.. :grin:

    Next week has some good weather pending i believe, and i am sure i can feel sick already.. :LOL:
  9. Yeah.. ordered the pipes. will get them fitted some time next week. Hopefully i will be able to get it in time for the weekend.
  10. I hope i won't get pulled over for noise pollution.

  11. I have been "sick" all this week cos of the flu *cough, bike*. I don't think i can be sick again so soon.

  12. sounds like another Boulevard Krews?
  13. I hear you loud and clear Peter.. Except remember we have lost one recently.. :(
  14. M50, how did the new pipes go ? Can you give us an update?

  15. Hi all, I have been working in Singapore the past 4 months and the bike has been sitting in the garage for that period. I have been riding to and from work here though. I own a CBR1000RR 05 with GPR pipes. SOunds really awesome. Have you guys been on a cruise yet?
  16. Were waiting for you to get back .... NOT !!! :LOL:

    The weathers been good ... think lots of kms ... :grin:

    How does the CBR1000 compare to the M50 (maybe I should not ask :) ) ? ... different type/style of riding ???

  17. Gday mate how are you.. Well to be honest the boulevards have been disappearing.. I sold mine, Jeimbo wrote his off, now has a bandit, and Peter Reebok traded his on an M109. See what happens when you leave us for too long, we all do silly things.. :grin:
  18. Don't count Quik Blat or myself out just yet ... :LOL:

  19. The M109 is also a Boulevard - just a bigger one!
  20. Yes right you are... :grin: