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How many goats are you worth, filthy capitalist?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. http://www.howmanygoats.com/

    I'm worth 5.

    That's pretty cool... but I don't know current goat:case-of-beer exchange rates :(

  2. I'm worth 5 too, Chris.
  3. Dammit, I only got 5 too :(

    I want 100 goats, then I can sell them and I'm outta here baby!
  4. 5 goats too rigged I think
  5. 5 goats, hmmmm :?
  6. It refused to give me an answer...
  7. +1

    Clearly my worth in goats is far to great to be calculated.
  8. How did you manage that?

    I picked what I thought were all the worst options and it still told me I was worth 3 goats as a 30+ male, no job, living in mother's basement, etc, etc.
  9. 5 george clooney material baby....must be rigged
  10. So I'm a marriage man material eh? :p 5 too this is plain average
  11. Me too!
  12. 5 for me....Heard George Clooney say recently he would never marry again. More women for the rest of us! :grin:
  13. I'm worth 5 and it thinks I'm George Clooney. I wonder if there are any different results or if Ktulu created the site to waste out time?
  14. Well if you tell it you're a woman and end up worth 5 goats it tells you you're George Clooney too.

    Be afraid, be very afraid.
  15. funny that, i click female, to start. i've already done it for a bloke, n its 5 n im george clooney, fancy that.
    so female.
    then the questions are the same.
    and the answers.
    i can even select to divorce my wife :shock:
    what is this, california?

    and yep, 5 goats, and im a female george clooney :roll:
  16. Oh, I only got 4.

    Maybe I shouldn't have asked the blind guy and the old lady if they had hot daughters...

    "4. You're almost golden, except for the fact that you're not. You're the silver egg, second choice, let's say"
  17. Damn!!

    I got 9!! Said I was the coolest Guy around.

    How does that shit work?!?! :LOL:
  18. i got
  19. ill give ya 3 es and thats my final offer