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how many experts does it take to

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pace, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. ride a motorbike?

    Raven your tips for intermediate riders is a great column, and the input from Rattus works well with what you are saying, more importantly to somebody who has done a fair few kilometres on bush tracks, race tracks and road the information being supplied is good, but would it work better if you two revealed a bit more about who you are or what experience you have?

    Web based forums are full of experts and the last thing you need is somebody writing in your thread with so called useful tips that turn out to be no more than something somebody told them one day when they met them on the road.. I read today where somebody alluded to weaving from side to side so you can be seen better WTF!

    It is a misconception among some that just because they are off restrictions and allowed to ride a grown up bike that that automatically makes them an expert, this alone is scary enough without them then wanting to pass on their so called knowledge to others.

    Raven and Rattus, two riders I will listen too, or are they the same person?although one of them does do my head in with his choice of endearments.
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  3. Re: how many experts does it take too

    The thing you read about weaving from one side of the road to the other isn't what you think it is but rather strageically every now and again switching from one tyre track to another.
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    If what they are saying is good then thats all we should know, who cares if they were the dare devil/champion racer in their previous lives. If it helps people and keeps noobs like me safe then any advice is welcome.

    I actually agree on weaving every now than then, even if it doesnt make you more visible then it should 1) brush up on counter steering 2) scare some cagers into backing off/keeping their distance 3) prevent you from becoming bored/falling asleep and falling off the bike :).
  5. Re: how many experts does it take too

    the only thing strategic was how it went from weaving all over the road like a a crazy person to "i do that all the time, its part of riding everyone should do it". there is a differnce between switching wheel tracks for visibility and weaving around in your lane.
  6. Re: how many experts does it take too

    Sorry Bud but I never ride in a tyre track EVER if I can avoid it, and I find the thought of doing so to be scary as hell. Why because that is where the road has had the most use, it is normally rougher and can be seriously detrimental to your health.

    My opinion and not to be taken as advise offered to others.
  7. Re: how many experts does it take too

    When I read the other post for the first time my first reaction was that it meant constantly weaving like you would when warming your tyres up but then it was used to indicate strategically changing wheel tracks.
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  9. Re: how many experts does it take too

    Bud split the lane in 2. The left 50% if the lefft wheel track and the right 50% is the right wheel track ok?

    I'm not talking about the 10-30cm only that the tyres of a vehicle touches the ground but rather utilising your lane and owning your lane by randomly switching sides so traffic around can see you.
  10. Re: how many experts does it take too

    But riding between the wheel tracks is not a good idea, particularly in traffic when it's raining. Care to guess where the majority of oil, diesel and other slippery shyte is?
  11. Re: how many experts does it take too

    Simple really. Ask or have them put up what codes are on thier instructors license.
    And then again. I have worked a few schools and the techniques at each were different. We have all gotten together, well us in QLD to try and get some sort of continuity to it. We tried ha ha.
    Taking tips off sites like this can be good. Can but. How do you know you are doing it right ? How do you know they know what they are saying.
    What really keeps a bike upright when you are rolling. ???? Anyone ??
    I do see lots on here that really makes me cringe. I try to stay ut of it. And hey don't get me wrong. i don't preach to know it all. God I hope I am not that arrogant. But I will not argue a point on this site or any.
    If guys with the talent of Tiger Woods have to go back to a swing coach all the time. What makes you guys think your better. He is just playing for cash. Your riding for your life.
    And knowing is not enough. Guys it's practise. And practising with someone who knows. Someone who knows bikes and bio mechanics. Who can see what people are doing wrong and knows a way to get them on the right track.
    It really is easy to get an instructors license. Not so easy to be good at it.
    Classic example is Lorenzo. Anyone notice he has changed his style this year. Won the championship and fewer off than any other year.
  12. Re: how many experts does it take too

    Yes and no... a old and heavily truck'ed road will often have rougher road outside of the wheel tracks... and wheel tracks are also the least likely to be filled with things that are fatally attracted to your tyres, such as nails etc.
    Newer surfaces are for sure smoother, but i stick to wheel tracks at intersections - less likely to have a coat of oil/fuel/diesel in them then in the middle.
    But thats my opinion too hehe.

    As for the guys... raven has been round the block and full of good advice. Rattus certainly seems to have been round the track and is full of good advice.
    Whether you agree or not, it should at least raise a question in your mind about how YOU ride, and certainly begs a good discussion on the forums, which in one form or another often has a few gems in the sea of opinions and attitudes :D.
  13. Pace, are you a netrider import too? Don't posters give advice on that forum too?

    I started dozing off when you were all anti weaving and stopped listening when you went anti tyre track. See how that works? It's the internet. People can choose to ignore what you say, or because this is NR with a significant proportion of novice riders... we choose to comment on it.

    Statements like yours Pace, can't be left alone, lest people think it's good advice. It's not. Whether you chose to make them mischievously or not, people should know that what you said has substantial flaws... so that's been pointed out. Excellent! This is NR in action.

    You're invited to make the same scrutiny of any comments/advice/etc made by anyone on NR.

    Hang around for a while, you'll soon learn who is worth listening to.
  14. notice i got away from this one real quick
    he gives low life no nothing loser scum like me a bad name
  15. Movement catches the eye, catching someones eye means you've been seen.

    We're not talking full lean side to side, sometimes simply changing wheel tracks is enough.

    (There's also the "behave like a crazy mofo" so everyone gives you some space because they think you're unpredicable, but that's a bit different.)

    It can help, but it's best assume it hasn't worked anyway. No harm in doing it.

    As to Rattus & Raven, they have had many online conversations in real time, but it's an interesting thought.

    What, everytime they post?

    If you're interested, why don't you send them a PM & ask?
  16. Hi Pace,

    I think you might be referring to my thread a bit here. Just in case anyone felt I was raising issues or commenting on stuff that was based on years of experience or formal qualifications I decided early on to let people know I was a novice both in many of my comments and with my avatar. Not sure how you missed that!

    Sorry if I came across as giving advice as my thread was more about raising some things that I thought I understood but were at odds with what I see more experienced (ie everyone else) doing out on the road. I ask those Qs here because there is a good range of views and experience and it helps me to understand the thinking behind the behaviour I see around me.

    For example, I now much better understand why you and others ride in the centre of the lane. It helps me to think about when it might be better for me to do that too.

  17. Re: how many experts does it take too

    there, fixed it for you
  18. that part I think I have already sussed, but thanks for the invite.
  19. Mr cannibal sir I believe nothing I say could give you a worse name than the one you already possess.
  20. left glove first bro