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How many ex UK riders are on Netrider?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, May 17, 2006.

  1. Righto muppets

    How many Ton Up Boys are living and riding in Oz now then?

    Obviously me and Hyssy and Sluglie...how many others?
  2. Me soon.. but you already know that!


  3. I think I fail the criteria, didn't start riding till I was out here, but have ridden in the UK... "just a true blue skippy the bush kangaroota now mate.. :p
  4. Nah that's ok Nobby...I learnt to ride here at 17 mate.

    But like you I've ridden in the UK and Europe.

    I was just curious how many UK riders were now living here and posting at NR was all.

    www.visordown.com the Brit bike forum has quite a few Aussies on it.

    I was interested to see if the reverse was true.
  5. I used to ride in Scotland, but only a little scooter.
    now I ride over here and ive got more fear here than I did in Scotland.
    I used to ride twoup on the scooter in snow and ice, rain and heavy winds.
    i seem to have developed more fear of the weather here.
    Dont know what happened ?
  6. My Great, Great, Great Grandfather was a Pom, does that count? :p
  7. Dont forget the GIT!!!

    And as you have all now come out of the woodwork... I will be the brave one and say: TOO MANY!!
  8. I kinda fail the criteria too...I never rode until I got out here - kept getting distracted by mundane stuff..but got my licence out here about 1.5yrs ago - but havent ridden in UK as havent been back over yet...

    Fingers crossed when I go over at the end of the year I'll get to sample my mates bike...
  9. Lived in the UK a while, in London (Clapham Junction) and was in the Chelsea Bridge 'scene' for a couple of years. Damn fine pie and chips at 2am on a winters night.
  10. Only if he rode a motorcycle Matti.

    Scared of the sunshine Stookie? It's ok mate, you won't melt, honest.

    G/lass...biking in the UK is great if you can get out into the countryside on a warmish day.

    Cornwall in the off season is great to tour around on with a bike.
  11. Wahey when in Cornwall, take yourself around Truro and witness the place of my birth :cool:

    There are some roads now that thinking back, around Bath and Bristol I would love to go riding on properly. Most of Somerset and definitely Cornwall.

    I'm pretty surprised to see so many of us :grin: I'll get the piss water- I mean Carling in.
  12. lived in london the last 3 years off and on, never had a bike over there but had a few mates with bikes. usually did the breaky run down to box hill or guilford (not sure spelling). was lucky enough to take a VFR 750 (nice fella lent me his bike 4 a morning) round the IOM TT track! something i will never forget, it's a crazy course! i did it in bout 45mins and the guys do it in jst under 18mins!
  13. Stupid thing is - I so should have rode when I was there as my mate actually ran the local motorbike school...how much am I regreting that I didnt take up riding sooner...!!!
  14. I came here in 96, but rode in the UK from 83 to 88, then 94 onwards. Started off on a DT50, then a A100, RD250LC and finally a GS500E. I lived in the SE, never did the Boxhill run (it was a racetrack I tell you!) and mainly played in the local roads.

    Managed to mangle my legs on the 50, got taken out by a 80yo senile dementia sufferer on the 100 and hit a tree at 80kmh on the 250. Ouch.

    Jadey, it's Guildford. The only fcuking place I've ever been to where people dress up to go shopping.
  15. I came to Oz as a kid but have been back for some short spells, rode at the Isle of Man 'TT' in 1990, Snetterton, Mallory Park & Brands.

    Cruized around outer London a bit on a GSXR1100K and Yamaha V-Max on some sunny days.

    Gotta go back some time soon, my little brother owns the official Vauxhall (Holden) Monaro race team, I'll stay with him.
  16. Hey Johnny, what were you riding at the IOM TT? And how'd you go?
  17. Hey Johnny, what were you riding at the IOM TT? And how'd you go?
  18. I started off in sunny England :)

    I went through numerous 50cc and 125cc 2-strokes (RD/RG etc) before graduating to an RGV250 and then finally a FZR400R.
  19. Seems fairly common that most of the poms started riding when they got here, me too. Been riding a couple of years now. To be honest, I wouldn't really fancy riding in the UK, too many people in too small a place, i.e. 3 times the population of all of Australia in a country the size of victoria, bugger that!
  20. That's why you ride in the UK, precisely because of the traffic.

    Other things non UK people don't understand is that most of the population is concentrated in very small areas. Once out of those areas the roads are, by and large, great. Lovely country villages, nice pubs for a good meal, more tolerant police than here (though not a free for all) and so many more roads to ride on.

    During the summer, weather is pleasant (never hot like here). Practically, for pleasure, the riding season is April/May to October. Beyond those days, quite chilly!