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How many bikes have you owned??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rc36, May 23, 2005.

  1. I was wondering, since we seem to have a huge cross-section of members, how many bikes we have owned in our riding careers?

    In 30+ years of riding I have owned, sometimes more than one bike at a time, the following stable

    Honda 350/4 Road
    Yamaha TY 250 Trials
    Honda MT125 Trail
    Yamaha RD 250 Road
    Honda 400/4 Road
    Bultaco Sherpa T Trials
    Honda 750/4 F1 Road
    Honda 500/4 Road
    Suzuki Hustler 250 Road
    Honda CBX550F2 Road (2 of at separate times)
    Honda CBX 550F Road
    Suzuki GS850G Road
    Honda VFR750 Road

    And I am presently trying to restore a 1980 Kawasaki Superbike that was raced at the Coca Cola 800 at Oran Park in 1981 and crashed severely at Bathurst in the same year.

    Not an impressive list in light of what some riders have owned over the years, but I wonder how other forum members have managed.

    How many years and how many bikes???
  2. Well mate, I cannot get anywhere near you, but I will list them here for the nostalgia.

    BSA C11
    Matchless 500 twin
    AJS 500 single
    Royal Enfield 650 twin
    Jawa 250 2st
    Puch 250
    BSA Bantams (2)
    Triumph 500 twin
    Honda 125 twin
    Susuki 250 2st twin
    Honda cbx250 '83
    Yamaha xj400z (4cyl) '84
    BMW R65LS '84

    I cant remember all the years/models of them except for the last three.

    Wish I still had them all in a shed, but I dont. Only have the last on, daughter has perloined the Yammy.

  3. My list is far less impressive.

    Yamaha PW 50
    Suzuki GSX 250 (Actually Dad's but he let me use it as a loner in between bikes for a while)
    Kawasaki KV100
    Yamaha AS3 125
    Honda CB 250
    Honda NC 50
    IZH Jupiter 350 (Actually Dad's but he never rides it)

    I plan to add to the list ASAP but my girlfriend keeps telling me I have to spend the money on other things. 1 more holiday, then it's my turn to choose how I spend my own money. (No one tell her I said that) :)
  4. antique Taz 50
    82 CR250
    95 bandit 250
    96 yzf600r
    86 gsxr1100
    91 zxr750
    trashed 04 pocketbike (had fun trashing it tho :twisted: )

    the zxr and gsxr are what i got in the garage ATM :D (alongside my GFs 95 XJR400) cant wait till i've got a list like some of you blokes, i've made a good start tho.....
  5. bsa bantam
    norton commando
    yammy DT250
    triumph t140
    suzuki gt380 (two stroke)
    kwaka z1b 900 + yoshi kit lasted 3 days :( (Never lend mates ya bike )
    yammy rd350
    yammy 650 special x 2
    triumph t120
    Kwaka GTR 1000
    Kwaka GT 750
    Honda VF750F

  6. Kawasaki Z250 (81)rode it once than my mate took it back
    Suzuki GSX250 (86)
    Yamaha XS250 (80)
    Kawasaki GT550 (86)
    Yamaha FZR250 (90)
    Honda VFR750 (93) 80,000+ and still riding it
    Kawasaki ZZR600 (95) parts bike
    Kawasaki KH175 (77) project bike
    Honda CT110 (98 ) used it to travel to work CHEEEEP
    Suzuki Accros (93) bought it for my wife and now selling it
    Honda CBR250RR (98 ) project bike currently in need of fairings
  7. Nowhere near what you guys have had, but each one brings back good memories,

    CB175....had to start somewhere
    Honda 500/4 .. brothers bike, had it for 2yrs while he was O/S's
    Katana 750... pop up headlight and cast alloy wheels(woohoo)
    21 years driving the family four wheeler
    ZZR250 .. Reefton Wreck
    ZZR250 .. Ain't taking it anywhere near Reefton

    Triumph .. dont know what but my next bike will be a Trumpie
  8. one !!!!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Suzuki GN250
    Kawasaki GPX250
    Honda NX650
    Honda GB500
    Honda GB600 same bike - but +100cc Wiseco piston + cam + pipe + flatslide carb
    Suzuki GSXR400
    Kawasaki GPz900
    Honda CB400
    Suzuki GSX550
    Yamaha XT225 - written off on the 3rd day 350km
    Suzuki RF900R
    Honda CBR954
    Suzuki SV1000S
  10. 1966 Ducati 250 Monza still own (in pieces and nearly complete)
    197* Gemini mini bike
    1974 TL125 blue tank still own (complete)
    1975 TL125 red tank
    1975 TL250 still own (complete and running)
    1978 SR500 still own (complete)
    1978 SR500 still own (in pieces but complete)
    1980 XS650 Special still own (just out of rego)
    1997 Ducati 600SS still own (only one with rego)
    2000 XR100 still own
  11. bikes...?
    lemee see
    Suzi TS185
    Kwika Mach III...aka the widow maker
    Suzi Waterbottle
    Kwaka GPZ750
    Kwaka GPz750 Turbo
    Kwaka GPZ500
    after a break
    Kwaka GPZ250
    Kwaka GPx750R

    not many I guess
    also got me thinking
    checked cars too......
    26 and rising.....
    not bad for a 31 year licence :shock:

  12. Not including dirtbikes my list goes:

    '92 GPX250
    '92 FZR250
    '92 FZR400RRSP
    '98 ZX9R x 2 (lost my license so i sold the 1st one i had,then got another)
    '98 GSXR750
    '02 GSXR 1000
    '05 GSXR 1000 Best one of the lot by far!! :D :p
  13. In the last 2 years we've had or currently have:
    88 Fzr250
    00 Blackbird
    03 ZX6
    2 x ZX9(98 & 03)
    2 x ZX12(03 & 05)
    96 cbr900

    My other half had heaps more bikes before I met him, these are only the ones we've had since we've been together :) None of these bikes were crashed, we just wanted something different :)
  14. Just the 95' Red Across and have no desire to sell and upgrade him in the near future :D
  15. MB50
    GS550 Katana
  16. Not necessarily in this order...
    I can't remember the exact year for some

    Yamaha AS1 (125cc Japanese model about 1968)
    Bultaco Metralla 1970
    Honda CB450 1969 (got stolen despite being chained up 2 metres from my bedroom window)
    Honda 305 Dream (pressed steel frame and "interesting" handling)
    Honda CB450 1970
    Montesa Capra (my token off road stint)
    Lambretta (not sure what model/year)
    Yamaha DS7
    Yamaha RD350 (2)
    Yamaha RD400
    Suzuki 380 triple (briefly)
    Suzuki GT750 (waterbottle) very briefly...
    BMW R75/5
    BMW K100
    BMW K100RT
    Harley 883 Sportster
    BMW R65LS

    Not actually owned but had extended loans of (6 months or more)
    courtesy of my brother who goes overseas a lot & my brother in law who used to race and has most of his bikes.

    BMW R100RS
    Yamaha RD350LC

    And another extended loan from a friend who had both knees reconstructed & couldn't ride for 6 months.
    BMW K1100RS
  17. Had a '73 Suzuki A100 from 1996-2001 (paddock basher.
    A '85 Honda Spada 2004 - 2004 (5 months)
    have a ZX6-r 2004 - currently

    Wish I still had the A100- It had flared gards and a peice of drain pipe for an exaust! It was a 2-stroke by the way ; )
  18. Ok let me think (most of these bikes are from the UK so you might not know about them)

    This is in *rough* order:

    Puch 50cc moped (2-stroke and a heap of crap)
    Yam RD50MX (2-stroke)
    Yam DT125 MK3 (2-stroke)
    Honda C50 (4-stroke)
    Kwaky GPz305 (4-stroke - chopped and jacked)
    Honda MBX80LC (2-stroke, liquid cooled and twin front disks, circa 1984 :shock: )
    Suzuki RG125LC (2-stroke, tuned silly & good for 160kph off a cliff)
    Kwaky KDX125 (2-stroke, tuned silly & good for 140kph)
    Suzuki GS500 (4-stroke....look it was cheap, ok)
    Suzuki RGV250 (2-stroke)
    Yam FRZ400R (4-stroke)
    Aprilia Peggy 650 (4-stroke)
    Kwaky ZX6R (4-stroke and current ride)

    Here's to the next 12 bikes :D
  19. RM80
    CBR600 ROSSI
  20. and I know 'zactly why you ownership of one of these was brief :shock:
    I had one too...