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How many bikes do you need?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Stigy, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. So, I'm watching Moto 3, and thinking how many bikes do you need?

    I was already thinking 3. My CB400 which will become a Street Triple R as my main bike. Then I'll need some sort of trail bike to ride some local dirt roads, and some sort of small Harley with forward controls for cruising to cafes with the missus on the back in summer.

    So watching Moto 3 and thinking that looks like fun. Hmm, maybe a 250 track bike would be sweet. But why stop there, also a thou sport bike for track days and or hills rides for a change from the Triple. So that's five ..... Hmmm ..... Help, how many do I actually need (need in a netrider sense, not a how many will the missus allow before she's convinced sense :bannanabutt:)
  2. Current + 1
  3. need to survive? 1 i guess.

    what i would be happy with?

    10-15 bikes at a guess?

    at a min though

  4. If there is space in your garage for more bikes, then you need more bikes.
    If there isn't room for more bikes, you need a bigger garage.
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  5. i agree,
    i believe 5 bikes is pretty much spot on.

    But ideally i believe the following:

    jap 1000,
    jap 600,
    2 stroke crosser,
    4 stroke enduro,
    big bore 4 stroke enduro,
    vintage bike,
    cafe racer/vintage race replica,
    sports tourer,
    adventure tourer,
    italian bike,
    track bike - preferably in full race trim
    2 stroke track bike,
    triumph street/speed tripple (or similar naked for daily duties)

    15 bikes - not including doubling up on a category, say a 1000cc and a 600cc track bike
  6. I live in an ideal world where 1 bike suits all my requirements.

    In my world, compromise features strongly.
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  7. I'd like a BMW R1200GS for touring. I'd still want to keep my CBR929... Except maybe upgrade the 929 to a new thou. So need = one. Want = two. ;)
  8. More
  9. ha! well said jd.

    i have everything i need in one bike, but i think i will always want more.
  10. A daily ride
    A weekend weapon
    A cruiser
    A tourer
    A track day toy
    A hooligan/stunt machine
    A dirt bike
    A vintage project
    And a hot pink vespa

    Then some collectables from all eras.
  11. I am very new to bikes, but if I had billions of dollars at this moment, I would have these dream bikes (keep in mind, I have only really ridden a VTR250 and 2 other bikes):

    A VTR250 or similar,
    Norton 750 commando,
    Ducati Streetfighter,
    Some sort of track bike or bikes,
    some sort of 250cc dirt bike,
    an "adventure" bike like a BMW F800GS so I can be a Ewan McGregor try hard,
    Some sort of bike like a Triumph Sprint,
    Something two stroke,

    and a collection of old light motorcycles like:

    Honda S90
    Old bridgestone bikes
  12. I say something two stroke because despite never riding one, I like the obnoxious sound they make.

    Hmm thinking of sounds I like, I also liked the angry pop-pop-pop sound of a DR650 with a yoshi pipe I saw the other day
  13. These days I have two bikes at any one time, but even in that luxurious position I find myself consistently lusting for, variously, a (soft) chopper, a dirt tracker, and a vintage twin (maybe a Meriden Triumph chopper with dirt tyres?).
  14. I think 1 is enough but;

    Super moto for hooliganism and dirt biking (swap the tires out, or get a dirt bike as well)
    Super sport for the iconic look and speed and general bad ass'ry
    Naked for commutes
    Cafe racer to look at


    Oh and a scooter because I like to scoota.
  15. n+1, where n=current number of bikes owned.
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  16. A: All of them!
  17. Motorcycles aren't that versatile in comparison to cars. You can get one car that does it all, except maybe offroad, but you can't get one motorcycle that does it all.
  18. But not everyone wants to do it all.

    I'd have:
    600 jap sport
    250 smoker track bike (maybe)
    600 track bike
    Dirt bike
    Thumper to horse around on with my kids (and mini bikes for them)

    I'd love to tour, but until my cubs are older that's just not gonna happen so touring bikes don't make the bucket list
  19. 1. RM125 2t
    2. KTM 200EXC 2t
    3. KTM 450MX
    3. HUSKY 610TE With both dirt and motard kit...A compromise so I don't have too many bikes.
    4. Ducati 998R tri
    5. Aprillia TurnoR 2013
    6. BMW RR1000 2013
    7. Ducati Multistada
    8. Kawasaki GTR 1400
  20. Commuter: GS500F or similar
    Motard: KTM 690SMC
    Hoon machine: KTM Superduke R
    Tourer: 1400GTR
    Stunt bike: ZX636
    Weekend warrior: KTM RC8R
    Cruiser: M109R.
    EDIT: oh I would need a dirt bike too, a 690 Enduro would be nice, and something larger for mixed road touring, like the new KTM 1200 adventure.

    Also room for a jap 600, jap 1000 and some dedicated track bikes for different classes like forgotten era, 600SS etc.

    Oh to be rich...