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N/A | National How many bikes can police pull over

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by chuchu91, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. So just curious, if i am riding in a group with say 5 other mates and we see flashing lights in the back, do we all have to pull over?

    If i am tail and i pull over and he slowly works his way in the the front with large gaps between the bikes that have pulled over, am I (sitting say 100m back from where the lead bike is pulled over) able to ride off again.

    No asking this to be a smart arse. more just curious as police can't pull over more than one vehicle at a time.
  2. Why can't they pull over more than one vehicle at a time? Licence check; breathalyser; roadworthiness ... can't see why they just have to stop one.
  3. I mean yeah they can pull as many as they want over when they have an RBT set up but i was talking about when you riding and a cop pulls up behind you and flashes the lights
  4. Its called a group Booking, And you all get done for whatever they want to lump you with,

    I even took it to court and still lost,
  5. Thanks guys. Didnt want to hear though

    Wanna elaborate on the details of your situation?
  6. Its on here some where.
  7. At least 11, IIRC. DAMHIK.

    If it's a bike cop, they'll work through the pack, pull the lead rider over & expect everyone else to pull over. If you don't pull over, or pull over & then go again, you will be chased.
  8. This is one of the reasons I split the group up into smaller groups (2 or 3) on my rides, and keep a nice big gap between them.
  9. That's... somewhat ridiculous. Netrider education about road enforcement is not good for my blood pressure. :<
  10. so if you ride in a group of 50 bikes and we all get pulled over...isn't that a bit of a safety concern?
  11. Please elaborate.
  12. Riding in a group of four bikes, we had a cop pass us in the other direction, do a U-Turn pass two riders including me, then pull over the front two riders. I stopped 200m back with the fourth rider.

    Apparently the cop was trying to get our attention to get us to join the first two riders. We were talking and didn't notice, since "he caught the fast guys". Anyway, he eventually came back to get us, told us to join the front two, gave us a talking to, and let us go, despite having a reading on one bike of 21 Km/h over the limit. Nice of him.

    So basically, they can pull over as many as they like, and unless you want to try to do a runner, you have to stay put until they are finished with you.
  13. ibast, i just mean being ignorant of so many orrible rules and laws was more blissful. As opposed to this whole righteous indignation thing.
  14. what was it 60+ on beach road one mystery ride?
  15. As many as they want too.

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