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How many bike categories are there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. How many bike categories are there? After looking around a bit here's what I've come up with:

    Sport tourers,
    Full-dress tourers,
    Adventure tourers,
    Dual-purpose bikes,
    Power cruisers,
    Touring cruisers,
    Factory customs,
    Naked bikes,
    Quad bikes,

    Any others?
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    Maxi scooters?
  3. Interesting one.

    Couple of queries/observations on your list:

    How are you defining Factory Custom? It was used a lot years ago to describe bikes that would now be called cruisers but you include cruisers separately.

    Dirt bikes could be further broken down into motocross, enduro, trials and ag. Indeed, if we're including non-road bikes, you could include road, flat track and speedway racers all of which are or have been available as (sorta) factory production models.

    Not having a go, just attempting to illustrate how far it's possible to break it down and end up with a myriad sub-categories.

    Classification can be further complicated by category shift in the larger biking world. As an example (though not a truly contemporary one), the GPZ900R was very definitely "sports" when first introduced but, with other manufacturers and Kawasaki themselves introducing ever more radical machinery, it had shifted firmly into "sports tourer" (and the milder end of the segment at that) by the end of its production run, having outlived several ostensible successors.

    Aahh. Life was so much simpler back in the far off days when manufacturers produced a couple of basic chassis/engine configurations and then largely left it up to owners to turn the basic bike into what they wanted :D.
  4. Rats?
    Streetfighters? (OK so they're nakeds, but you've got a few different kinds of cruiser too...)
  5. Hacks
  6. Reverse trikes
    ...and I'd split classics and retro
  7. Choppers?

    Cafe Racers?
  8. I thought we were talking about productiony type things, in which case rats and choppers would be out, being, by definition, non-factory.
  9. I'd make trikes - ATV's, then have race, farm, 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler

    and a seperate section for road trikes
  10. Honda Fury for factory chopper?

    And don't Hyo make a rat?8-[
  11. There are as many categories as there are bikes almost, but to add to your list;

    Hyper tourer ('Busa/BBird/14)
    Motard (SVX 550)
    Hyper motard (whatever the big Duc is, also an 1100 IIRC)
    Adventure sports (Duc 1100)
  12. It's a cruiser or a factory custom. Nothing's been chopped to make it.

    Hmm. Little bit of my inner purist coming out there :D.
  13. Nah. A true rat is utterly dependable to make it home under its own power and starts first time every time even in arctic conditions.
  14. Mega 'tards :bolt:
  15. lol thats what i call them.
  16. Pocket bike ?????
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    ^ winrar!!
  18. Fast Bikes
    Slow Bikes
    (ok, I'm trying to chalk up 200 posts as I've been a memebr for some time now and I've noticed that I don't have enough helmets under my handle)
  19. Jeeze, that's setting the bar a bit high. So that WLA with the tree branch for a sissy bar, that flipped in the middle of Darlinghurst road - that wasn't really a rat? Cos it needed a lot of shouting and a lot of kicking no matter what the weather was...
  20. Well...it's rat status may be debateable but a bike with starting problems misses much of the entertainment value of ratdom. One of my proudest moments was one freezing grey day when my grotty CZ fired on its customary second prod of the kickstart and burbled off into the distance in its usual cloud of unburned hydrocarbons, leaving the near brand new K100 parked next to it immobile with a firmly jammed starter motor. Hah. Big fairing, heated grips and the price tag of a small house count for naught under such circumstances :twisted:.