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How Many Bends? GAR

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by 2wheelsagain, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. How many bends between Bruthern & Harrietville?
    Has anyone ever counted? Google cant tell me.
    I've ridden it several times but never bothered to count. :shock:

  2. No idea, The times I have ridden it I have been concentrating :) Is this to win a bet or just idle curiosity. Or I suppose the third option is an excuse to ride it again, if such an excuse was needed. ;)
  3. LOTS.

  4. Idle curiosity mate :)

    Saw a post on Facebook saying XYZ (US of course!) had X number of corners and I would have loved to post a reply a number that would sit them on their fat yank arses but I just didn't know.

    Like you, I've always been to "busy" to count.
  5. Chris... 138
    Yep, was bored :p
  6. Thanks Vin. I was hoping it would be more than that :wink:
  7. 138? Surely it's more.
  8. I got 158 between Bruthen and Omeo alone... depends what you call a corner.
  9. Sounds like an excuse for another ride :eek:
  10. If you can count corners, your going to slow.
  11. +1
    Some bends are so long and gradual, I didn't count em.
  12. And you got a ticket where Brian? :LOL:
    It would be good to know.
  13. That would start a little debate.

    What is a corner/bend?
  14. That would probably be the 'Tail of the Dragon', with (from memory) 318 turns in something like 11 miles.

    Edit: Just checked; 318 turns in 11 miles.
  15. Yeah I think it was.
  16. has anyone got a google map of this road with 138 bends :p
  17. Coming into Mt Hotham, there is a big carpark on the left, overlooking a great big canyon, good view, the man sits on the right hand side of the road, about half a mile ahead, he is off the road in a runoff, hard to see him, but he can see you, I think there were buildings on the right hand side, he must get you between the buildings, Its a 60 zone.