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How many bandit riders out there?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    I'm picking up my 2002, 1200s next weekend, and was wondering who else has one?


  2. I have a 2002 Bandit 1200S. Had it since new, it's got just shy of 70,000km on it and the only issues I've had with it were caused by operator error.

    It's probably going to get me into trouble here but pop over to http://nswbandits.forumotion.net/ and introduce yourself.
  3. Thanks Mick I'll check it out. Mines got 16000k's on her so plenty of life left in it yet.
  4. {raises hand} Mine's a 1999 (I like the curvy frame better!), and has just gone over 85,000 km. I got it with 46,000 on it, and it's never missed a beat.

    Absolutely love it, it makes me grin!
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  5. Hell, 16,000k's, it's barely run in. Are you sure that's genuine?
  6. 2001 1200S with 133,000km an not a hint of trouble. These bikes are more than bullet proof, more like depleted uranium shell proof!
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  7. Recently bought a Brand New 2010 Plated 1250 Bandit N... getting my first 1k Service done on tuesday, So far loving the torque of the big bore motor!!!
  8. Yours is not a 'real' bandit. Real bandits don't have water in them. :D:D
  9. I sold my 03 1200 a year back, very practical bike !
    Great commuter with long legs for the weekend
  10. Hahaha... So even on Bandits, we have the 911 and VW side of aircooled purist, who make fun of the New Generation Water pumpers!!! :)
  11. yep -
  12. Bandit wasn't even on my shopping list...sat on one, looked at this one an was SOLD.
  13. Yes we do, although us purists are slowly being out numbered.
  14. Well, unless you paid too much for it, then you've go a bloody good buy.
  15. I've had 2 of them, a 1996 model (bought in 97 new) did 30,000 on that one. Later on I bought another one a 2006 model (also bought new) and I did 20,000 on that one.

    The Bandit 1250 is on the short list for my next bike as well.
  16. I think I got a great buy, paid roughly what a 2001 is priced at with 50/60k on them.
  17. :worthlesspics:
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  18. This ^^^^
  19. new bike.

    This is the only one - I have, paid just over 4500 for it. I think thats a pretty good deal.
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  20. How many Bandit riders, um 42?:? :LOL:

    Yet another Bandit but it's not a Bandit rider here. I make up for it by owning a GSX1400 as well :D