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How many Accidently get on the wrong Bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LadyRider, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. In looking through many 1000's of photos of
    Runs and meetings ect
    i see So many bike's the same colour :grin:

    So in seeing this i was thinking
    (shouldnt do that Jo :shock: )

    How Many have actually Gotten on the wrong bike and only realised when the key didnt work :?

    the key actually Did indeed work
    and you only realised when you looked at the rego plate :shock:

  2. Hell I can;t even find my bike.. I have to wander around till I bump into it. So the answer is... If I look down and can see it.. its not my bike :)
  3. Hmmm
    Now that can be taken 2 ways
    and i aint touching either of them as i don't know you :grin:
  4. Never actually done it, no. But there have MANY times when I've wanted to get on the bike next to mine... The real owner prolly wouldn't have been happy though...
  5. You may have more luck if you look for the car that bounces off some invisible object whilst in the process of backing out.
  6. Ages ago I had a brand spankin yellow Hornet 600 and another girl in my club bought exactly the same bike. She spent the dough and did the rims etc, but I still managed to go and try and start her bike a few times.
  7. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Love that bright orange urban cammo!!!!
  8. Hmmm starting to hate OSX.. Its like linux without the tools

    Yeah it just fades into the background. And my usual technique is to watch the cars bounce of my invisible bike. Luckily the old dinasour is pretty tough. Its always fun convincing them that they owe me money tho.. many of them think that I owe them money. Like it was an entrapment tool to get revenue out of em or something. :)

    Never got on another Stealth Kat by mistake. Then again how would I know?
  9. cant say that i have
    but does that really work... as in put ur key in a different but same make and model bike?? and it starts?? :shock:
  10. I have however got into the wrong ford. And it did :)
  11. If you had an old HQ cage then it would certainly be possible. On a bike? Nope haven't done it, nearly did when I had my old ZZR2fiddy (because every man and his dog has one of them) but haven't actually sat on the wrong one without permission.
  12. When i walk by a bike i always wanna hop on and just sit on it and see how it feels.....but i never do out of respect for the owner of course. So i just admire from afar.

    Hmmm....i just realised that i feel the same way when i walk by a pretty girl too! :)
  13. lol dont worry mate.... i understand fully there :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. Nup .. never mistaken someone elses bike for mine .. all my bikes over the years have been quite distinctively mine. The "Eliminator" I've got now is as rare as hens teeth over here in Oz, so it's quite distinctive. I can imagine "mistakes" happening these days though with a lot of the modern bikes, many looking the same with their fairings/factory colours etc.

    Did have a good mate who I shared a house with for many years .. he had a '73 Yammy TX500 and I had a '75 XS650B .. the keys for both those bikes were interchangeable .. all locks .. ignition, fuelcap, seat, etc.
  15. Birdrock wrote
    Did have a good mate who I shared a house with for many years .. he had a '73 Yammy TX500 and I had a '75 XS650B .. the keys for both those bikes were interchangeable .. all locks .. ignition, fuelcap, seat, etc.
    Now we know what bike Not to buy :shock: or park near :shock: if we own one :LOL:
  16. Hehehe yep .. we had a chuckle about it for sure ... :LOL:
    Given the number of key/lock combinations, we quite often wondered, (over a few beers), about the odds of two people sharin' the same house with two different model bikes, (albeit same brand), having duplicate keys.
    A bit later on we both had Kwaka Z1000's but the keys for those were different. Sadly my mate wiped himself off on his after leavin' a BBQ with a skinful :roll: thus ending a 10 year mateship at the age of 25.
  17. OMG how dreadfull Ross :oops:

    sorry to hear of your loss :cry:
  18. Thanks Joanne .. a long time ago, (24 years ago), at the time it was a rather "sobering" event though ..
    Dang we shared some good rides together way back then :grin: , back in the days of "amphometers" .. way before radar-guns and speed cameras :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: (Hmmm where's the angelic emoticon when ya need it) :LOL: :LOL: :grin:
  19. Ross the Angelic emoticon is in Your Heart hunny :wink:
    Why do i say that
    Well Ross
    because all these years later :)

    You STill remember him and speak of him with heartfelt Memories :applause:
  20. my brother had a 1988GPX mine is a 1992.
    dispite the different colouring and tankprotector and stuff, I still managed to not realise it wasnt mine and try to ride off on it :shock:
    yes my key started his bike ;)