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how low can you go?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by abvc, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. hi guys, i'm wondering how low can the price go on winter and cash lol (gpx 250)

  2. You mean how cheap does a GPX250 get?

    I'm sure I saw a 1988 model for around $2k on the Internet...
  3. Depends what condition you want. But I'll assume you're after a gpx that will 'go', but don't really care about aesthetic condition which isn't near new. Yes an 88 in ok/average condition will be around $2k. $4k will get you 1995-2001 in good condition bought privately - or from dealer if you're lucky. $5k gets you something 2001+, in very good condition and low kms.

    So my advise is check out all the gpxs at your budget level and if you find one that seems ok, get it checked out by a mechanic and you'll be sweet from there.
  4. $5k got me an '05 with 4950k's on the clock from a dealer.
  5. Yeh $5000+ is very variable.

    But I maintain that you were pretty lucky and I wish I'd got your deal (hope my zzr isn't reading this right now...)
  6. i mean, the net says that best time to buy a bike is on winter... and paying cash may give better deal too (reminded me of good guys). so.. i was wondering if it is reasonable to hope for a 20% price drop..
  7. In winter and in cash, and privately - you will save alot, yes even up to 20%. Just depends on how desperate they are to sell it. And keep in mind most people's set 'price' is just a starting point for negotiations, so haggle.
  8. Been offered a gpx 89 for $2000
    Just been rebuilt
    plus rwc and reg
    maybe not what you know but who :p
    if i dont buy i will let you know