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How low can you go?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by CaffeineMonster, Feb 3, 2016.

  1. Ok, so yesterday in pursuit of finding how far can lean bike over in a corner (particularly nice little tight switchback to the left) I thought I scrapped a peg which I was pretty happy about at the time. When stopped later and going to check out my handy work I found it wasn't the peg that scraped but the gear shifter - shaved a few mil of it. Was thinking that this is potentially dangerous as it could have bit and flipped the bike rather than just scrap as it is a pretty much fixed piece in position piece of the bike as opposed to the peg which is designed on a spring to flip up. Is this a correct assessment and any ideas how to fix?

    Even after scraping it I still have about 1cm of chicken strip on tyre so am thinking lean angle should be ok. I like shifter in its current position for best shifting comfort. Bike has adjustable rearsets on it, currently set in middle position. Am thinking it would be good to have set up where shifter is more out of the way but still at the right position in relation to foot when on peg for shifting. Bike is a baby monster which apparently naturally have bad clearance.

    Pics of current set up:
  2. Not much you can do if that is the position of the lever that is most comfortable for you. Move it up slightly perhaps and see if it is still ok for your riding ergonomics. You can limit the lean angle by shifting your body. This keeps the bike more upright and the tyre contact patch towards the centre of the tyre.


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  3. The gear lever toe part does look pretty low.
  4. Move it up higher mate. You're riding a motorcycle, not sitting on a couch. I'm guessing after a while you'll get used to the higher pegs and won't care.

    You shouldn't be scraping the gear lever I wouldn't have thought, pegs yeah.....but not the gear lever.
  5. shifter is low due to riding position and way foot sits on peg. When shifter was higher had to lift toe too high to change up gears and got cramps in calf and hit too many false neutrals due to not lifting high enough.

    guess I can try move pegs up and back see how that feels and see position shifter can then be moved to to be comfortable
  6. I'm with the above. Move your pegs up, which means you'll likely have to lift your shift lever.

    Or...you could just go get a Panigale; those pegs/shifter are nearer to your navel than the ground. (yes, I know you're still on LAMS).
  7. I understand the predicament as it reflects what happens to me between wearing proper boots and riding shoes. I have to have the lever higher up because the boot, so when wearing shoes I have to consciously shift with my leg, not just pivoting on my foot or I get false neutrals.

    In normal riding position (not relaxing) do you have the balls of your feet on the pegs?

    Don't get lazy in shifting just because you bike lets you. Most bikes require more effort to change gears....at least in my limited experience with a handful of road bikes a a bunch of dirt bikes.
  8. I am envious of peeps who can "get the knee down", I know I don't have the skills for it and more importantly, it scares the bejesus out of me hehe ;)

    But I do like to watch guys who can do it and do it well, I like to live vicariously through them :)
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    9 more months before can get the Panigale!

    When having fun in twisties move my feet up on to balls of feet on pegs for clearance as was scraping toes and move feet around to rear brake, change gears. Normal riding rest arch of feet on pegs.
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  10. Raise it up dude. Bottomline, do you want to deal with changing the way you change gears to reduce discomfort? Or do you want to do exactly that after sliding down the road?
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  11. I don't agree regarding this
    Shifting should be easy. If it's not, you change the setup.

    Have you compared the stock setup to your aftermarket ones? The aftermarket rearsets are likely the issue, reinstall stock and compare.
  12. They look like Rizoma rear sets you're grinding away. Raise the peg a centimetre or two and adjust the shift rod the same. You wont notice the difference/change after a ride.
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  13. Agree with should feel easy i.e. in right place for foot to get most efficient shift. Aftermarket seemed slightly higher than stock after installing - kind of liked the new position feeling and current set up feel right. Will try raising peg and shifter to match see what I can achieve.
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  14. Clowns to the left of me,
    Jokers to the right, here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you.


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  15. If the fuzz are halfway decent they'd just applaud and let him go on his way!

    In Italy they'll let you get away with anything as long as you're on a Ducati. They may stop you to give advice on better to get your elbow down, but that's about it. Warning don't try it on a BMW though!
  16. Are you sure you did grind it? From the photo it looks like you're referring to the flat edge which is how they come out of the box.

    Either way, try rotating the toe peg anti clockwise so that it is higher and further back. Get it inline with the lever arm and if need be, rotate the lever arm down a bit. By shifting the toe peg up and back you can increase clearance without having to lift your foot to shift down a gear. There is plenty of adjustment in these, just see what works for you.
  17. Raise the shifter up, and just screw a piece of wood to the top of your riding boots. easy lol
  18. Normal
    Took a few mils off it - big scrapey noise.

    Was thinking move peg and shifter up, but couldn't get bolts on pegs to budge - need better tools. Otherwise, was thinking about something along the lines you mentioned as shifter arm is a lot further in toward the bike than edge of shifter toe peggy thing, so the arm should have more clearance.
  19. sorry, I Should have elaborated. I have the same rear sets. Out of the box, that's how the tow peg is on the gear lever. The brake peg isn't tapered, just the gear one.
    That is based on your photos, it's not to say you didn't scrap it, just that they have a flat edge normally.
  20. were both the same - maybe yours wasn't quite new