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how low can u go?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by fiNkers, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. i ride a hyosung gt250r... is sex was a bike... it would be it.

    just wanting to know how far can you lean into corners on a 250? how can i know when i'm about to lean a little "too" far? the bike has only done 400km... can i start pushing it now?

    so many questions... any response's would be hot!
  2. I assure you , it has nothing to do with capacity, look at a 125GP bike and don't even think about copying it unless you are wearing ear scrapers. The limitations are tyres and ground clearance. If something touches down you will know by the scraping sound and shower of sparks. Don't worry about it, just find a corner and progressively increase your speed through it each time you ride it. As the speed increases, to maintain the same line you will find you are leaning more. Choose one with no hazards and a clear view of oncoming traffic. It'll come, just give it time.
  3. As inci said, just work your way up. As your confidence builds, your cornering will improve.

    Oh and dont try and lean all the way over when your going 20km/hr down a city street :wink:
  4. I agree totally with the above, don't stress, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen....muha

    However, it may be wise to know what to expect by testing in a safe environment rather than discovering it on the road like I did.

    First time I dragged a peg gave me decent fright, I was coming round that first decent left on the yarra scenic drive, coming from the chandler end (melb riders will know the one I mean). I'd done it a few times in a row then I went quicker (bout 85 or so) and hey presto scraping sound scared bejezuz outta me and I stood the damn thing up like a complete peanut and ran way wide and then had to tip it in really hard to come back in...

    Then i went and found a carpark out in fishermans bend and did circles and 8's til I was dragging pegs for the whole way and got comfortable with it (and had heaps of fun) all at pretty low speed, so prett safe, except for my "lean indicators" which were completely gone, the left peg was a bit second hand and the side stand had some interesting shiny new metal exposed.