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How long until it wears off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by screwball, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I'm a new rider, got my bike a month or so ago and to start with I was VERY conservative with my riding.

    Now, when I'm in traffic on any road, I'm doing the speed limit and nothing more. However..

    When I'm on my way somewhere at night, on a desolate road with naught a car in sight and about 2km of straight, flat, dark road in front of me, I tend to, well.. flatten it.

    It's darn fun, it lasts only 30 seconds every day or so when I find myself in that position.. but I feel dirty afterward (this is starting to resemble another part of my life :oops: ) and I feel ashamed, and like I've let all my fellow motorbike riders down by riding like a complete f**king idiot.

    Will this behaviour wear off?

    To clarify, I don't do this EVER in traffic. I stick to my lane, I filter mildly and I don't speed when I have cars around me (not badly anyway, no worse than any other road user).

    I don't like it but I can't stop :(
  2. It never wears off. Thats the whole point of it, really
  3. It may never ware off...

    But can i advise that at night is when you can see less, I generaly only do this on a multi lane freeway with no traffic around.

    Less llikely for something unexpected to catch you out.

    Also remember you have a lot of learning to do before you can reflexivly handle the unexpected, so take care as your experiance grows, make sure your ego doesn't outstrip your skill.
  4. There is nothing to feel ashamed about... :roll: acording to the law and in the eyes of the speed police we are all bad bad people anyway.

    Wide open throttle through the gears on a straight is one of the simple joys in life. Next stop for yuo as a new rider is conering like your twisting the laws of gravity, then you will be having below speed limit fun.

    Never feel ashamed on a motorcycle. feel sorry for those who will never know the joys of One wheel drive. :wink:
  5. Geez, I hope not...
  6. dude chill out, its not like you are looking at bestiality p0rn. trust me, your desire to break the speed limit wont be limited to long straight roads, in the twisties is where the real fun begins.

  7. LOL!

    I have this game I play, where every time I take the bike out, I must hit 160 at least once during the ride.

    And it has only been since 1979!
  8. This shows how you can go *cough* a little above the speed limit (and more than once) and you DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY KILL OR BE KILLED...

    'nuff said :)
  9. You still sound way too restrained, soon enough youll be speeding through traffic day and night whilst the people in the cages shake their haeds in disgust. That gives me a warm feeling every time. Stuff em, thats what bikes are for.

    Theres also nothing like the feeling of being at a set of lights next to a P plater in his newly purchased Supra. Of course he is compelled to eye you off and rev his motor to get your attention. So you politely take off and beat him to the 80kmh limit(or just above) and then watch him come from behind and go past you at some ungodly speed to try and prove a point. :cool: Then when you do catch him at the next set of lights you point out there your only on a 250 which probably cost less then his insurance for one year. :LOL:
  10. its like this:
    riding a motorcylcle is like sex: no matter how big youre donk is, or how fast you go in a straight line, its how you put it around the corners... not everyone can do it.
    learn as much as you can on the 250, and upgrade when you can ride the balls off it. b careful at night as one possum can ruin youre fun... now get off the computer and tell us in the next post, however long it takes you, what top speed youre bike gets.. go twist that throttle. ride safely.
  11. Only thing i can really add to these replies is go buy some track time aswell.

    Go as fast as you want there (kinda the whole point) and its safer.

    But im sure most (if not everyone) enjoy a little zoom zoom down the road every now and then.

    Also, bring on the twisties!
  12. Heh, that makes me feel better.

    90% of the riders I see on the roads are doing the right thing and that's why I felt so shithouse about it.

    But now, fk it.. I'm going nuts :p

    Nar, it's just plain fun and i lied when I said I didn't like it... I go so fast I can feel the wind in my hair even with a helmet on : :shock:

    Last night was the fastest I've taken it, I'm not sure if I should post the speed for fear of promoting dangerous riding.. but let's just say if you add the number 80 to the number 80 then add 20 and some change, you'll get the idea.

    Someone brang up the extremely valid point in another thread that a 250cc motorcycle can smash any speed limit in australia in 3rd gear (yes, even a CB250 if you push it hard enough :p) so why ride anything bigger...

    The answer? Becuase that damned "180" on my speedo has never seen the needle I don't think :p and that's just plain rude.
  13. The temptation to go super fast goes away for a little bit when you learn to corner super fast, or do wheelies, or stoppies, or powerslides, or jumps. But it always comes back.
  14. Strath Gordon Damn run, tasmanian highland straights as far as you eye can see. A corner and then another equily long straight :shock:
    It would be a shame not to play with your rev limiter once in your bikes life. :wink:
  15. I do this every time I'm on a major arterial road.

    The fact I'm a fat bastard on a 100cc scoot means I can do this in an 80 zone without running afowl of Mr Plod. :grin:
  16. Dont worry I have the same feeling as you're having. As i'm coming home every night I have a 2 lane road 2 myself everynight. I'll go up 2 only about 80 Since the road isnt that straight and has round abouts in it. and theres sweeping turns at the end of it. There's a sign saying 30km/h for the turns but I went straight in at 80.

    I'm starting to get to the point where I dont feel comfortable to go faster since the road is pitch black at night and its a blind coner. Even I put high beams on its I still cant c very far. and the side of the road r gravel so I would want to go wide and beyond the gravel its a ditch.

    All this is enough fun for me.
  17. It's called inter-species erotica, geez!
  18. :roll: why am i not surprised :p
  19. every now and then it makes perfect sence to open her up

    you gota clean the gunk out some time
  20. Yep all good fun. Just a word of caution...you are riding a 16yo bike that has most likely been through probably a dozen owners who each have their own ideas on how to save money on maintenance. Be carefull that one of those R's doesn't shake loose at speed.
    I agree, the go faster bit doesn't seem to wear off until you get a couple of tickets and then it's tempered for about a day, maybe.