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How long to sell?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Owen, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. I put my zeal in the trading post on tuesday, for $4200 neg. and havent had ONE enquiry so far. Im a bit worried that maybe its over priced and if so then it looks like im not going to get anywhere near what i need to get a GS500e. Any time limit on how long i should wait before i drop the price? and by how much?


  2. Oh and im hoping to get around $3500
  3. Oh and im hoping to get around $3500.
  4. Owen, dude, you worry too much.

    Be patient. How much of a hurry are you in? If your bike is in good condition, eventually the buyers will come along. People tend to wait until the end of the week. Meanwhile they're busy at work/watching TV/scratching themselves.

    It's a game. Come Friday/the weekend they phone up and say "How many calls have you got so far?"

    And the answer, Owen, is ALWAYS "Yes, I've had HEAPS of calls, in fact I've got four people coming around this afternoon and another guy who reckons he's just off to the ATM to try to scratch up a deposit...etc..."

    And there's another lot who will wait until week 2 to call. "Oh...you STILL haven't sold it? Will you negotiate?"

    You get the picture. Feel free to swear at me if you've heard it all before.

    Wait for a little while before you go dropping your price. Patience could put you $500 closer to that GS.

  5. Nah i havent heard it all before. My bike is in good condition but it has been dropped twice from what i know. It has scratches etc but engine is fine. Its the cheapest zeal in australia though so ive definately reduced the price because of the damage.
  6. Owen, it took us a month & a half to sell a ZZR250 simply because people whi NO idea about bikes kept calling up about it & not coming over to look at it.

    we had it advertised for $3500, 1995 bike in awesome condition, with 44,000 km's on the clock. people would ring up & say "that's way too many K's, will you take $1000 for it?" YEAH RIGHT!!!!

    You'd try explaining "it has a lot of K's cause I ride it every day to work, not once a month" but people didn't want a bar of it, I check the price against red book & it was a cheap price.

    The first person who came to look at it bought it that night. the amount of K's had nothing to do with how well the bike ran, as we serviced it every 6000kms & it was a perfect running bike. it was in great condition, no scratches, and the guy who bought it had been riding for years, he bought it for his wife so he knew that high k's doesn't nececerrily mean a bad running bike.

    It took us two weeks to get one phone call. I also suggest you advertise on e-bay, bikepoint.com.au and bikesales.com.au
  7. also Owen, don't forget the Trading Post only came out yesterday
  8. A few things. People who call and offer you silly money without seeing the bike, just hang up on them. They won't buy it, so don't bother wasting your breath.
    People generaly wait till they have free time to search classifieds, so be patient.
    Be prepared to possibly wait a month to sell, some people may be looking, but not have their money together as yet.
    Hold people's wallets or car keys if they want a test ride. Get proof of ownership of teh vehicle or photo ID's on licences. If someone comes around and wants to ride it straight away without looking it over, test pilot. Tell them to go away.
    Be honest with people. I don't like telling people I've had heaps of interest, just that I have had interest in the item. If you say you've had heaps of interest, and people call back in a few days, they think "Hmmm, mustn't be all that good for the price?". Tell people once they come around, and as they are thinking about the bike, that you have others coming around.
    Read the buyer. If they are experienced, they will see through all that bullshit and ask very few questions, spending time looking over the bike thoroughly. If they have no idea, they will ask you questions you've already answered in the ad or whatever, and will appear to lack confidence or be nervous.
    If someone starts trying to haggle based on price and things wrong, explain that yes there are things wrong, hence teh price and the fact you are not buying new from a dealer.
    Seriously, don't be nasty, but don't stand there and take shit, there are plenty of buyers out there. If they want the bike, they will offer a REALISTIC price, from where you can negotiate. If they are tyrekickers, they'll say they'll think about it, or offer a silly low price.
    I like to talk price before the test ride/ drive, so that I don't waste my time with tyrekickers, and I don't waste teh seller's time. Just ask them if they think the price is realistic, pending test ride. If they don't, seeya!

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. Owen, if you put a bike up for $4200 and you really only want $3500 then DONT tell anyone. This is a bit like putting your house up for auction and telling the bidders the reserve. If I wanted this bike, I'd now be offering around 2800-3000.
  10. Hey Owen... it took me three months to sell my ER-5... but I held out and got basically what I wanted for it. I found that weeks would pass with no interest, then BAM I'd get four or five enquiries in two days. Just get it out there as much as you can, eBay is good, especially for cheaper 250's. I sold my ZZR-250 in two days on eBay and got more than what I had expected!
  11. Ideally the trick if not being in a hurry to sell. As soon as you start getting impatient about it (which you seem to be) you put youself in a bad situation.

    You want to be able to refuse bad offers instead of being forced to accept less than you'd like because of the time.

    I'd suggest putting the bike on bike sales: www.bikesales.com.au and point point: www.bikepoint.com.au for a bit more exposure.

    As the heat picks up more learners will be out there looking for a bike.

    If you're only after $3500 maybe drop the price to $4000, you might get more people trying to bargain in that bracket. Also put "ono" or "price neg." in your ad.

    As other people have said, it sounds like a good bike and you shouldn't have trouble if you give it a bit of time.
  12. There is a bit of a motor cehicle trading myth in Australia. You see all these private ads and you assume there are cars and bikes being sold left, right and centre.

    The truth is only the best value bikes of a particular model sell within a couple of weeks.

    Also, if I saw an add for $4200, I'd assume they wanted $4000 for it. I don't know what these things sell for, but that may seem too much if others think along these lines.

    Try $3900, if you are aiming for $3500
  13. Another thing, national average price (according to redbook) is $3,100 - $3700 for this bike. Since yours has done below average Ks I shouldn't think $3500 should be a problem.
  14. Heh thanks for all the posts people. Looks like i just need to be more patient.

    I had no idea people could actually sell bikes on Ebay?

    And how many K's are everage for a used bike? 40,000?

    Cheers heaps people, Owen :cool:
  15. double post :( :) :grin: :LOL:
  16. It depends on the year of the bike, no of previous owners, what the bike was used for, etc.

    I bought a 2001 CB250 with 24,000 k's on it. I've done nearly 10,000km's since., cause I ride it every day (almost).

    However I bought a 1998 Hornet 600 with 26,000 k's on it.

    a mid 90's bike would usually have between 35-40K km's on it.

    dad's Triumph he just bought, 1996 model, had 55,000 on it.

    Tip if you're selling on e-bay - read other ads to get an idea of what people write about their bikes. you might want to include a clause that it's advertised elsewhere & you have the right to cancel the auction at any time.
  17. +1 to this :)

    I have sold 5 bikes on Bikesales (Flat fee & advertised until sold, not just 2 weeks) and they have all gone in about week or at most two. Online has the exposure, advertising paper is almost dead.

    Also $3950 looks so much cheaper than $4000. If you want $3500, just say you are firm on $3950 and if they say I have it for $3500, say nah, but try $100 off or maybe meet them half way like $3750. Don't forget to factor in RWCert or state it's not provided.

    A little bluff and negotiation will go a long long way to a good price. Just take your time, don't cave to your cheapest price straight away, don't BS or talk too much infact let them do the talking, you'll know if they are keen.

    Remember it's summer & the L's bike courses are booked out, it's only a matter of time until you sell it.

    Good luck bud. RN
  18. So, RN should i put it at $3950 firm or $3950 neg/ono ?

    Im gonna go put it on bikesales now. Do they let you change the price at any time?
  19. I'd put is as $3950 firm, and include RWCert and in the description say $3950 neg without RWC.
  20. yeah i advertised my bike a few months ago and still havnt sold. Im asking for a reasonable price ($11,000 for a 03 R6) but im in no great rush to sell so when someone calls up and says "ill give u $9500 cash" i always say im "nope, im looking for more than that" then its always the same but the redbook says its only worth this much... red book my ass!

    Also now the weather is getting a little warmer and finer days the weekend warriors are out to buy their toys for the summer. Ive had heaps of calls in the past couple of weeks - if your set on that price i wouldnt budge. My theory is if its in good condition someone will buy it.

    Im not sure about other people but i dont let people view my bike at home i always meet somewhere like a petrol station or maccas car park. I dont really want people to know where my bike is kept and to come home one evening to see its missing.