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how long to lose license for before selling bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by transit, May 7, 2007.

  1. Just wondering how long people would have to lose their license for to consider selling their bike? I know if i lost it for 1-3 months i'd definitely garage it until i got my license back, 3-6 months and i'd probably still garage it but if it was for 10-12+ months i'd be thinking of selling it especially if you had just paid 12 mths rego on it :(

  2. I think a lot of people sell them to avoid the temptation! I'd say 12 mths +
  3. hmmm good question....

    I have no idea. I probably wouldnt sell it unless i had plans on retiring from riding.
    I would cancel the rego and find a privately owned property with a track and have my fix there... hehe :twisted:
  4. 27 years.
  5. hehehehhehe

    yea it would have to be 12mths + before i'd sell it. But that wont happen cause i'm a good boy.
  6. :rofl:

    With you on that one!

    BTW - when I read your posts - I see your signature in the periphery and it always seems like it says "Hug drugs not people" :LOL:
  7. If you did something on it dumb enough to get you 12month ban, I'd be selling it immediately and buying a nice 180B when you got your license back... :LOL:
  8. Nah, a 120Y would be more suitable :LOL:
  9. But not everyone has a bike worth waiting for like yours. :grin:
  10. yeah it was something very stupid and i'm sure it will be at least 10-12 months. I just hope i can get a work license in the meantime. :oops:
  11. Can't help yourself can you? :)
  12. Damn straight, 27 years from now it will held in the same esteem as a 27 year old harley, the AMC ones.! :LOL:
  13. Hmmm....well I can say I'm glad Sverre didn't sell his...has given me something to ride these last few months :p ;)
  14. Once known in my circle of friends as the Stunt Dato.
  15. If it was over 3 years i would sell it, but under it will stay mine.
  16. What was it?
  17. Come on tell us!

    You were the one caught doin 140kmh in the 60 zone weren't you? :p
  18. I was being very foolish and acting dangerously when i was pulled over by the police saturday night for doing 124 in a 70 zone with a BAC of .125% on the bike. Yes i know it was extremely dumb of me and i am very remorseful for acting so dangerously. It really was a stupid thing to do and i've been beating myself up over it :oops:
  19. I'd be keeping mine so (assuming I lost it on the bike) every time I went to the shed I'd be able to remind myself of how foolish I was for losing it, and when I finally got it back, I'd have something to enjoy and add back into my life - I guess :?
  20. Meh, its not that bad.

    Keep it and continue to ride it......on the track or if your gonna ride on the road deplate it and make sure you know how to ride.