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How long to get your L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Monty, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. Okay I have to get some idea on how long it has taken other would be riders to get their L's. I am having a bit of difficulty with my nerves, too much coffee I think. I do really really well in the practice but as soon as the test starts my stomach does 5 sumersaults and moves up the vacinity of my tonsils for a day trip. And now apart from the $'s they are getting out of me I feel like a Smegging Git! :oops:

    So it will be attempt 3 :shock: on Monday afternoon, spoke to my dad and he said it took him 3 tries, but the b/f did it first go (as did most of the class :roll: )

  2. Remember your Douglas Adams...


    And then, no matter what, don't let it get to you.

    Next up, use the hints they give you - for the turns, turn on the indicator BEFORE you move off, and leave it on. For the emergency stop, ignore the gears entirely (leave it in second) - ignore the clutch too if you're that worried. For the stop in the box, get rolling at your chosen speed, and then pull the clutch in and keep it in (coast up). Don't be afraid to put BOTH feet down if you have to when you're stopped.

    Can't give you any advice for the slow ride - I had the most trouble with that part - keep your speed under control with a combination of clutch, throttle and rear brake - I found it was more stable if the engine was pulling but the back brake was resisting.
  3. Hey Monty, I went for my L's and passed 1st go but that was more due to the instructor (Michael from MTA is a legend) and then I went for my license test 3 months and 2 days later and passed that. Maybe you should reconsider where you are going for the test. I think alot comes down to the instructor and how relaxed and confident they make you feel. :)

    Good luck!!
  4. The riders that failed when I did my L's were all more than capable of doing the test but they talked themselves out of it. If you know you are a capable rider then quit worrying and just do it.
    Time for some positive affirmation as apposed to worrying about failing. I will put my indicator on, I will stay inside the turning line, I will ride slow and steady, I will stop in the box etc...
    You know you can do it so show the person testing you. Congratulations on passing at your next attempt.
  5. I am probably just repeating everyone else when I say - Relax

    A third of my course at HART failed at their first go.

    One that really sticks in my mind was one girl who was so nervous that she dropped the bike just before the test started (automatic fail). Once she had resigned herself to the fact that she had already failed she did the test anyway (the instructors insisted saying that the experience would be worth it). Because she no longer had the pressure of passing she relaxed and aced every single test - probably one of the best rides of the day.

    Nerves are your worst enemy because your skills are definitely up to the task after the training.

    Good luck with the next test :D
  6. With the slow ride, keep your knees against the tank. It helps with balance.

    Be confident and you'll get through it.
  7. Thanks guys I did my first two at HART, the two days and then a retest. I am going to Stay Upright on Monday, thought a change of scenery might help :LOL:
  8. concentrate and keep focus don't be nervous.
    just think that you're riding with no one else around, you'll be alright!
    thats what i did 2 months ago :):)
    good luck!
  9. That is one other thing, Spectre and I both did our L's at HART and they told him to put the indicator on before they take off if they want to but when I was there, twice, neither of them told me that in fact they both said to take off move up to second then indicate, one went as far to say that it would be "noted" if we put it on really early or left it on when we stopped. What was with that? :evil:
  10. When I did my learners 7 years ago, I passed first time. I was doing the test with my mum as well and we both passed no problems. If you speak to anybody who knows me on this site, they'll back up my theory that if my mum and I can do it first time, you shouldn't have any problems! I had NEVER ridden before and only been pillion a few times before the test.

    :D :D :D
  11. Is there any specific part of the test you're having issues with, or is it simply a confidance problem - I'm sure that you're a perfectly capable rider.
  12. The indicator thing - I only did my L's 3 months ago at Stay Upright, and I was specifically told we could switch on the indicator BEFORE we moved off if we wanted. 3 of us didn't bother and just indicated normally, but one person there did it that way. They also did most of the "shortcuts" I listed above, and passed just fine. They DID have to do the Emergency Stop twice though - their first attempt was from too low a speed.
  13. The first test I went out side the yellow lines on the first corner, the second I forgot to indicate. I was driving towards the corner thinking don't f#@k it up, don't f#@k it up, don't f#@k it up and forgot to indicate... :oops:

    Could not believe it. It is just confidence, cause up till then in the practice I did the entire test well. I felt like finding a big solid wall and testing the strength of the helmet :)
  14. Leaving your indicator on gets a "Note" but not a fail. Ignore it if it bothers you. I got a 'Note" for incorrect braking technique (didn't roll the wrist quite right), but so what!? Its just a heads up to you and a requirement of the people running the course.
    Slow ride - keep your eyes on the horizon, not the road two inches in front, this applies to most of the tests. Fixation on the road causes you to loose balance - and usually results in a crossing those pesky lines
    Best of luck
  15. If you find yourself getting nervous on a test track, imagine how bad it will be when you are out on the road and cars are trying to run you over too.
  16. I was under the impression that you dont need any riding experience to do your L's. I have mine in 2 weeks, and its a 2 day course. If I pass, I get a cert which I take to the local RTA and sit the theory. The 2 day course teaches everything from scratch, doesn't it? If this is wrong can someone please tell me so that I can go mad!
  17. I'll 2nd Flipper's comments on Michael & he's not hard to look at either! I got mine 2nd time round & on Michaels advice did it on a scoot! Had a ball! Thought I was doing a run thru b4 the test so wasn't suffering test nerves when I'd finished was told I'd passed!
  18. It teaches you everything you need to know to be able to ride, I had not been on a bike (except a postie 10yrs ago) and I can now ride. I just haven't been able to pass. Don't stress, not many people have that much trouble... :D

    Where are you going? At HART if you passed they did the theory and issued licenses on the spot.
  19. MTA? Where is it? I might go there if I need a 4th time :roll:
  20. i got my L from Armstrong Education down at Thomastown, but i'll never ever recommend that one to you guys.
    doggy instructor, new learner from scratch will never ever learn the proper way to ride at first time.
    lucky i did ride for a while in overseas and frankly said i was struggle with the paper test but all was sort out with the help of the instructor.
    8 hours training course end up in 6 hours including 1 hour lunch break.
    you could imagine that.
    anyway i got my learner :):)