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how long till you got your first bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. I got my licence about 2 weeks ago and was watching the market to get an idea of prices etc. now ive realised something you hav to be quick ive rang up about a couple of bikes and they have already sold and now im getting impatient im gonna go to a dealer which has a few nice bikes and hopefully get a bike in the next 2 weeks. Anyway thats the end of my whinge so how long did u wait until you got your bike?

  2. still waiting lol. then again i'm buying new.

    What kinda bike u trying to find?
  3. I'm still waiting too. Still looking, still trying to figure out my budget... So far for me, it's been less than a week :)
  4. bought mine, 3 weeks after getting my license, in saying that i spent almost 2 months looking at bike before i bought mine..... but the guy i bought mine of was shocked when i call monday lunch as he had placed it that morning and wasn't execpting any calls until it came out in the paper.... as it was it i had a friend also look at it that night, and a deposit was left pending a the full rwc/repairs at my choice of dealer
  5. Tis bike buying season....If you are after something specific, leave your details at a dealer and they may be able to source one for you. Better still, post a wanted add up here..
  6. I bought mine a week before I went for my learners..

    I'd orgnised to pick up the bike on the first business day after I planned to get my learners. If I missed out (you never know) I'd move the pickup date.

    Excitable?? Unable to spell?? Yep.
  7. I was lucky, found what appeared to be an ideal bike at a dealer in Horsham just 2 weeks after getting my learners, checked out okay so I bought it (had to wait a VERY long couple of days for the roadworthy to be done and for the bike to be delivered though). Seems rural areas don't have such a rapid turnover of bikes so it's definately worth checking outside of major cities.
  8. I bought mine 3 weeks before I got my L's
  9. My learners permit was about to run out and I still didn't have a bike, so I got a 3 month extension from Vicroads.

    A month before the extension ran out I bought my first bike and then a few weeks later went for my P's.

  10. i bought mine the second i had the cash.. actually i put down a deposit and had to scrounge cash for a couple of weeks before i could pick it up :)
  11. It took me 31 years to get mine :)
  12. Bought my bike approx. 3 weeks after getting my Learners.
  13. 3 + 3 Days

    Learners on the Thurdsay
    Found it the following Saturday
    Picked it up on the following Tuesday.
  14. LOL I picked my bike up after the first day of a two day HART learners couse...

    As for buying a bike right now... BUY NOW!! the prices go up and up... at this time you will be paying premum price but at least it will not be a pice o crap that gets sold after christmas...

    On that note buy an old cheep bom while you are on your L's...
  15. I already had my Ps by the time I got my bike. I got my Ps 3 months after Ls, and then bike 3months after I had Ps. Just took me a while to get the bike money together and find one I could afford/liked. Ended up buying in May or June when prices are suposedly quite reasonable.

    But I had already bought gear and was able to occasionaly ride my friends bike so I still got a bit of a fix.
  16. I looked for a month before i got my bike and it was torture, there were alot of times where i just felt like paying $6000+ for a dealer bike but ended up waiting and getting a pretty good deal.
  17. 'bout a month after. Tried a few bikes first, found the one I liked, bought it. Fairly simple process. ;)
  18. yeh i cant afford new and im looking for either a bandit, hornet or zeal
  19. Licence Monday

    Bike Wednesday

    Sold car Saturday
  20. Zeal's are going VERY cheap - probably 'cause they are not very comfy to ride (for me anyway).

    As I NEVER buy new, I am prepared to be patient and wait for a bargain - I loan mate's bike on a Sunday in the mean time to stop "the itching"!

    Got my first bike 2 years before the learners :D - but I have been riding bikes off and on all my life!