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VIC How long till I receive Speed camera TIN?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by rcheli32, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. I can't see an answer to this anywhere else or online, so asking here.... I was riding through a green light on Alexandra Pd and saw a flash, did a quick speedo check and yep I recon I was pinged for about 65. So my question is how long does it take until I get something in the mail to put me out of my misery? I presume there is no way to check online....?

  2. Just a guess but about 2 weeks I'd say, hopefully it was a faulty camera though.
  3. How sure are you that your speedometer read 65?

    Speedometers over-read the true speed, if it reads 65 your true speed was probably more like 62.

    Was there anybody else in the junction at that time?
  4. It's about a week after, they push them out pretty quickly. Was it 65 in a 60 zone?
  5. for a red light camera if they do send you the notice, make sure you ask for the photograph in case someone else triggered it.
  6. The cars I went past were just taking off, so it would have been me I'd say. I think it would have pinged me for 65 because I think my speedo was saying high 60s... I've been done for 102 in a 100 zone in the car (actual reading something like 105) so I know they can be pretty tight on the tolerances...

    I think it must have been one of those combined red light and speed cameras, because it had just turned green when I went through. Nice for me if it is a defective camera, but if I get a fine then I don't have anyone to blame but myself.

  7. You should get a GPS with a camera location database and have audible warnings.
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  8. yeah I looked up the website and there are a lot of fixed speed cameras out there! Normally the traffic slows me down. I wasn't meaning to speed, I probably just wasn't concentrating properly. It should be under 10km over, so $189 and 1 point :(
  9. Ah well, 1 demerit and $170 or so. Take it on the chin and be thankful you weren't caught doing anything worse.
  10. Wow, now you can get a warning for up to 14 over alleged and no points for 3 years.

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  11. GPS would have paid for itself already!

    I've got a Garmin 660 hardwired into an intercom system with helmet speakers. I get paranoid without it ;)
  12. My numerous fines all arrived in 3-4 weeks of the incident.
  13. Agree with Justus, dont stress about it, just get on with you life..

    If you get one (usually takes 2-4 weeks), take a look at the photo if you have time, if the photo checks out, pay up and move on.. (you mentioned you've had a fine already, assuming it was in the last three years) No shame in it, everyone will get one eventually..

    You may not get one, Alexandra Pde cameras go off randomly all the time..
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  14. Last time I got a speeding fine the cop handed it to me through my window within 5 minutes. You're welcome
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  15. My wife's speeding fine (NSW) arrived 3 weeks after the event. My son's speeding fine (VIC) arrived 4 weeks after the event.
  16. Gee, I was just trying to help the guy out by giving him an approximate idea, made my day worthwhile!
  17. Thanks, I appreciated it. Actually some good feedback in this thread.

    On a hopeful note I noticed on my ride past today that the camera is on the inside lane, and I was on the outside lane, so if I'm really lucky I was partially obscured by the CRV I was passing. :applause:
  18. 3 weeks. Detected speed will be the speed you did but you will be fined on the alleged speed which is lower. So if you were 65 the alleged speed may be 62 which you are still over the limit.
  19. Two weeks down, still watching the letter box...

    I think I was doing high 60s, so alleged speed should be 65 give or take a couple.