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How long on your current bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by spruce, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. So, having been on a '12 Street triple R for only 3 months now, I find myself wanting to upgrade. After something bigger, with the electronics that are being offered on the big bikes. More specifically, I am looking at a S1000RR.

    Now, given it's only been a few months on the current bike, and the change over is around 8k, the wife is less than impressed. She diagnoses it as, "typical male syndrome", where one is never satisfied with the current bike/car/boat for very long periods of time.

    Got me wondering, is it just me? Or do other guys/riders change regularly?

    How long have you been on your current bike? How long will you be on it?

    Are you someone who upgrades/changes bike all the time?

    Should also note that this question is aimed more at the unrestricted riders. It is a given that learners/provisional riders will upgrade in the near future.
  2. You know the missus is right, but when did that count in the matters of men?
  3. Someone buy me a S1000RR... jealous of all these people talking about them/GETTING THEM!
  4. No it's not. Some people have stayed on a 250/LAMS until well after their restrictions ended.

    Not everyone feels the need to have the biggest/shiniest/fastest bike.
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  5. 3+ years & counting. No plans to upgrade, plenty of modifications done & to do though!
  6. 12 months and considering moving on, maybe a Streetfighter 1098 or an 1199 Parmigiana.
    Why, just not as comfortable on it after riding the Striple so often...and because I can.
  7. If you are leaning towards the streetfighter perhaps take a look at the tuono v4r. By all accounts a better bike when tested side by side.
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  8. I keep telling myself that there is no bike that will fit my criteria as well. I'm a shocker for the upgrade bug. 6 months and i'm ready to move on. Mods etc hold it off temporarily.
  9. does it come with cheese topping????? :shock:
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  10. In three years I've had 6 bikes and three of them in the past 12 months. Pretty sure I'll be looking for something new next year.
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  11. I've still got my first bike, well after restrictions have finished.

    The bike (GPX 250) still suits me at the moment, and updating the family car is the next priority.
  12. How long on my current bike?
    About 5'10" - approximately the same length as when I lay in bed, coincidently...

    And if you can afford a S1000RR Spruce, I think I know now why you're an "ex"...
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  13. I have had my current bike for a little over 10 years. I am likely to be on it until either it or I start falling apart.

    In 16 years of riding I have had 4 bikes. The first one for less than 3 months, as soon as I was of my L's I bought a bigger bike (NSW Laws at the time meant that because I was over 30 I didn't need to be on L's for 3 months and went straight to a full license after doing the MOST). Number 2 I had for 4 years, it died and needed to be replaced. Number 3 for only 2 years, the only reason I got rid of it was because the poor 600 could no longer handle my weight and the increasing weight of my pillion (eldest son).

    It's not a given that learners will upgrade quickly, just highly likely.
  14. My bike? Too long but am in no position to upgrade it yet.
  15. OK since you took the joke I'll give you a serious answer...

    12 months on the GSX650F and I think I'm outgrowing it already - once you know how fast it goes...
    That said, I've literally never sold a bike that was rideable: RD250 was stolen in '92, wrote off the Fizzer in '96, and still got the Spada (mid tear-down) and an old XZ550 in "basket case" format...
  16. Not in Japan, they get a cheaper version with less stuff ;-)
  17. Which one? I tend to collect them. Got an older BMW K100rs that I've had for over 10 years. Spread around my back yard in various sub assemblies after it crapped itself.
    My 750 (VFR) has been in the stable for about 10 years. Got nearly 90,000kms on it so its worth f#ck all, so no sense selling it. Don't know exactly how long I've had my VFR400, but i bought it as a Sumoto bitser, put over 90,000kms on it, so it's worth f#ck all now, so no sense selling that either. My KTM 625, bought that in '04 I think, bought a 17 inch wheel set for it, lots of fun to ride, so no need to change our upgrade that. The new ones have too much electronic crap on them for a dirt bike, & no kick start, so they can stick them up their [MENTION=35780]RSE[/MENTION]. Nothing out there really grabs me at the minute, especially with the draconian speed enforcement Nazi regime down here, so I'll stick to thrashing my old girls around the back roads, gravel roads etc until they break, & become uneconomical to fix. Then they will most likely end up in various locations around my back yard.
    It's the riding that matters, not what you ride. I don't particularly care what my reflection looks like in the shop windows as I ride past :)

    Edit I pay cash for my bikes, no finance, service them myself, so I do millions of kms on them without worrying about stupid crap like resale value, our dealer servicing costs etc etc etc. Just ride them & enjoy it to the max
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  18. If money was no object, what would you buy?
  19. 3 bikes in last 4 years - Going to be number 4 soon. Only had the VFR since May. Thinking upright naked - CB1000R on top at the moment, maybe street triple. Then once have that out if my system I reckon a nice retro like a CB1100 or Bonneville with less knee bend to cruise around on....too many bikes, so little time!
  20. I had my GSXR750 for 3 years before I put it in the shed for another 6. I felt I had outgrown that towards the end.

    I got an 07 R1 for my return to riding. It feels perfect and no need for anything else. Yeah it's now 5 years old but i'll probably continue riding it for another 5.
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