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How long off the road would it take for you to sell up?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Justus, Dec 24, 2007.

  1. This thread got me thinking about whether the person will now
    sell his pride & joy.


    For whatever reason you can come up with, the result is you can
    no longer ride/drive for X amount of time on the roads

    How long off the road would it take for you to sell up?

    & NO, there is none of this 'turning my bike into a track bike' business :p

    Only interested in what you think the trigger point is for you to feel
    you need to SELL UP..
  2. I have no idea what mine is.

    But a friend of mine has lost his for 12mths (appealing it in Court) but
    he told me that if its upheld, he is going to either sell up or convert it
    to a track bike.
  3. I would say that it would have to be at least a 12 month ban before I would consider selling the road bike.
    On the other hand I have a honda xr250 sitting in the garage that I haven't ridden for over 12 months that I should sell. :roll: I'm not too worried about it though because I cancelled the rego on it,so it doesn't cost me anything while it is sitting and I plan to only ride it off road. :wink:
  4. MG, I think economics would be the main driving (sic) factor in this decision. If you owned the bike outright and it wasn't costing you anything to to have it sitting in the shed, you'd probably keep it even if you didn't plan on/couldn't ride it for a while. The need to turn it into cash for paying bills, etc, would more likely drive the decsion, IMHO. (This happened to my brother-in-law yesterday, for the second time :().

    I seriously thought of selling the Hornet after my New Year's Eve accident last year, as I didn't have the money to fix it and was too sore to ride it, but I figured that I wouldn't get that much for it damaged, and so didn't. Eventually I raised the money to fix it, and then, of course, as everyone predicted, I started riding it again :roll:.
  5. I would find it difficult to sell up for any reason other than an injury that made it impossible for me to ride.
    If it was due to loss of license, I think I would last about a month before I would take risks and ride anyway, it would start out as just a little squirt up the shop, then it would probably increase in distance and frequency if I got away with it, so maybe it would be best to sell and not have the temptation staring me in the face everytime I walked into my garage.

    I guess it would really depend on what bike I had and how long I was gonna be off it. If it was my little V, I'd sell it ASAP and concentrate on a bigger, better, faster,sexier, beast once I'd done the time.

    Of course, there is always the option of a dirt bike, but that means a new car and a trailer, not to mention finding dirt riders to bash about with and someone to do the driving for you.

    I don't think I would cope very well actually, especially if I was not allowed to drive a car either. The only way I could survive with no license would be to throw myself into a new project like renovating a run down house then selling it when I got my brief back and using the profit to fund a new bike. ( I have done this in the past, not to fund a bike mind you, but it did require all of my time and I discovered I had a knack for renovating and enjoyed the process along with it taking my mind off other issues that I could not address at that stage in my life. )

    Only other option I would consider if I wasnt coping with not having a license would be to go OS for the duration of my suspension.

    Riding is a highly addictive habbit!
    anyone that is trying to break/overcome an addiction must find something to substitute their vice with.

    Anyway, it's all hypothetical isn't it, as if I'd get done for doing 240 kms or getting the front up, the Virago doesn't allow for such antics, so I'm safe ... for now :p
  6. I wouldn't sell up because of a license suspension.

    I would circumvent them.
  7. I wouldn't sell I would just do trackdays with it :)
  8. I sold up for a 4 month suspension. I lost my job, had 2 kids and a mortgage so yeah that 7 grand was really needed. And it wouldve been too much temptation. When my 4 months was up I had 2 grand to buy a bike so I bought my FZ 750, that bike was with us for about 2 years and 40,000 kms so that was good value.
  9. I sold up for a 6 month suspension but only because I didn't want a 250 anymore, and I wanted to show the judge I was serious about 'turning a new leaf'.

    Didn't work.
  10. Well if 2 brake ups and a move interstate over 30 years didnt make me sell my bike i doubt that a suspension of licence would have any affect. :wink:
  11. we need a licence to ride? :-k
  12. lol yeah, but u can print your own if you print your own number plates aswell
  13. Nah, unless it was, say 2 years-plus, I'd just join the local tossers who ride day and much of the night around here on trailies with no licence - good enough for them, good enough for me - so yeah, I wouldn't sell up short-term :)
  14. 6 months no. 12 months yes.
  15. 12 months would see me sell I think.
    I also thing Hornet's economic argument is very valid for those of us with other mouths to feed.
    It does depend on a lot of things though.
    I don't think I'd sell my gear. Just in case....................
  16. I would keep riding and give my twin brother's name if I ever got pulled up. I did this for quite a while when he had his licence and I only had my learners (In QLD you need someone following you while you are on learners).
  17. after your agonising wait for the bandit, there is NO way you'd let her go :grin:

    "y'd 'ave ta pry it from ma cold dead hands"
  18. 12 months? Screw the kids... let them eat cake.

    Only injury would stop me... but then you would probably read about some dude caught riding with one arm and half a leg... maybe one eye. Kinda like those cancer patients sucking down cigs through the hole in their neck... the things that's killing me I can't live without etc...

    Have to be closer to 5 years or more... Actually even with a much more expensive bike... I doubt I'd sell it. Just bolt the engine to my wheelchair... mouth straw controlled R1 wheelchair.... that'd be fun.
  19. + 1, however it would also depend on depreciation % on the vehicle. E.g. standard jap i would sell, Euro bike such as MV or Duke I would probably keep.
  20. i am planning on never selling the firestorm. but if i started defaulting mortgage payments in the middle of a long license suspension, my hands would be tied in that situation.
    if i owned something generic like a supersport, or a fireblade etc, i would sell it since they are a dime a dozen and a good example would easily be found.
    any sort of licence suspension and the other two go but. again both are easily replaced.